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CRARN’s documentary lays bay the heinous murder of the homeless and mentally ill across the nation

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Dr. Inyang Oduok

 It was not too long ago that Child’s Right and Rehabilitation (CRARN), founded by a Good Samaritan, Sam Ikpe Itauma, put a human face on the tragedy that had struck Ibom State and neighboring states – the slaughter of children accused of witchcraft by their parents and communities.

CRARN’s efforts and documentary raised global awareness of a tragedy that but for its efforts, may never have come to spotlight, let alone, prick the collective consciousness of the world and moved them to act.

CRARN was inundated with praises around the globe and condemnation by those who saw CRARN as a threat and set out to destroy it and to annihilate its leadership.


For several years, CRARN and its officials went through demoralizing episodes, unwarranted attacks, oppression and in fact persecution. Its headquarters in Eket was raided and its children forcefully removed against their will and relocated to Uyo. Ignoring the wishes of the children, the environment where they grew up, the language the spoke and people they bonded with for years.

The invaders left behind the nihilism and emptiness of a void life. The children’s faith and CRARN’s personal responsibility to its children were crushed overnight but not CRARN’s will.

 Despite the barriers and financial hardships imposed on CRARN, CRARN and its officials continued to remain committed to its founding principles – to be stewards of the country’s homeless, the mentally ill, abused children, battered wives, and a few waifs to give hope to the hopeless and shelter to the homeless.

But suffice it to say that hundreds of children have been rescued again and currently occupying the CRARN Children Centre in Eket craving for help for food and education. Protection of the Children, the homeless, needy, oppressed, victimized represent CRARN’s covenant and its pledge of faith in its people.


CRARN’s new documentary now tells stories/exposes the heinous murders of the mentally ill and homeless across the country.

The vicious component of the murder:

The murders have vicious components says CRARN’s chief executive, Sam Itauma.

“These homeless people and some mentally ill people pose no threat to anyone. Some of these homeless people are just displaced people who are in need of shelter. Some are those who have been separated from their families and are in the street because they have no one to turn to.”

Some of the mentally ill are roaming the street because of their conditions, lack of care and neglect even by their families. They become preys or target to these psychopaths who murder them although they have done them no harm. The obvious signs of mutilation and blunt force trauma to the head, body and chocking, are evidence that they are not people who may have voluntarily check out of the world.

They are not victims of armed gangsters warring among themselves and being caught in the crossfire. They are not victims of rival drug dealers in corners of streets that is common in most western countries like the United States. They are innocent street inhabitants who have been murdered in cold blood. CRARN is asking for public help to identify their attackers and report them to police.

CRARN – an ardent advocate and defender of children accused of witchcraft is extending its reach to raise global awareness of the callous slaughter of mentally ill and the homeless in the streets across the country, mostly Lagos, Osun, Ondo, Abuja Rivers, Anambra States of Nigeria and is asking for public help to identify their attackers so they can be arrested and brought to justice. To keep Nigerian Streets safe was Buhari/ APC campaign priority. It’s time to deliver on those promises which the nation voted Muhamadu Buhari for.

Dr. Inyang Oduok, Atlanta, Georgia.

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