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It is gradually getting to a year now after the 2015 general elections in the country with attendant casualties including death, litigations, claims and character assassinations, media wars among others. The dust raised before, deepening and after the elections are yet to settle for good governance of the nation in general and Akwa Ibom State in particular, where matters had gone to the electoral tribunals, Supreme Courts and the various damages done to the state economy and the people as well.

More worrisome is the fact that everything seems to be at a standstill as the inhabitants loose purchasing power where many families found it difficult to celebrate 2015 yuletide while many civil servants cry over non-payment of their salaries talk less paying school fees of their wards in academic institutions that have already resumed.

Apart from this class of people, medical doctors and teachers cry the same over non-payment of salaries. The cry by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) that doctors were being owed 15 months salaries while newly recruited doctors were also being owed 12 months salaries.

This, therefore, becomes more worrisome with regards to the belief or knowledge that Akwa Ibom State is first and major producer of oil and has the greatest and highest amount accruable from the Federation Account.

Against this backdrop the Century Newsfront Newspapers calls on the Government to make good its stewardship for the people knowing fully well that an act of governance is a continuum. With the words of (Obong) Arc. Victor Attah at Ibom Hall while handing over governance to Godswill Akpabio that people will woo you and if badly they will boo you.

True to the words of the elder statesman, the situation is gathering momentum with regards to the present political climate in the state where fabulous amount of money is said to be expended in law courts at the detriment of the people. For what? The masses are watching the show and under democracy they cannot be forcefully governed by the one they do not want. Biblical King Rehoboam tried it and failed and instead the Kingdom of Israel was torn into pieces with shouts of discontentment.

Let those in powers settle their differences and work together for the growth of Akwa Ibom State and forget the belief that the state belongs to party A, B or C. Most importantly use the resources of the state to develop her and the people therein instead of developing oneself and few of their loved ones.


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