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2019 Elections Will Be Exciting If …

The outcome of the results of the Presidential Candidates and other positions conducted across the Nation by different political parties indicate that the upcoming 2019 General Elections will be exciting if Nigerians exhibit greater sense of patriotism and politicians themselves play their parts in accordance with rules of the game.

Worthy of note are the faces of the successful candidate for the contest which are such that must be voted for. This of course, needs carefulness before decision to vote any is taken since inwardly no man can read their inner mind and interpret well what they have to offer for the positions clamoured for. They are all excellent and beautiful fellows for the top job but if we may quote Shakespeare in his work, Macbeth, “ to be thus is nothing but to be safely thus”. Briefly expressed or asked, who among them will be able to deliver the needed value that Nigerians need in moving the country forward?

In the light of this therefore, Century Newsfront opines that Nigerians themselves who are up to the age of voting and being voted for should be truly focused on who to vote and be voted for so that the right person could be chosen to take up the mantle. Most importantly, selfish tendencies must be denounced especially when such carries along monetary transaction which stands for selling of one’s conscience. This is corruption which the present government is fighting against and the independent umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as part of its functions has warned against selling and buying of votes.

Indeed, the faces of the prospective candidates are people who had been Governors, Vice Presidents, Senators and others whose intention to contest should not be in doubts. We, however, see the present situation as the battle between the safe breakers which now need Nigerians to choose what they want come 2019. For some, their second coming might be to continue from where they stopped at first and for others to improve on what or where they did not do well at first. This present an exciting scene in the upcoming contest which we urge every stakeholder to condemn violence to be able to see the beauty in this particular election. Again, while campaigning, politicians, political parties and party faithful should do so with issues and not on individuals and their characters. These are the ugly sides of the game which if care is not taken might plunge the nation into what the forebear did not want.

Finally, if one can recall the elections of the post independence when NCNC and the AG, they talked on issues. Of note was that of AG when if one was sleeping, he or she will make up to hear their campaign unit in a moving van signing “vote for palm fruit, our boundary is there at Ndia Akata” that is “sin enying ke ndia Akata” while the NCNC would repeating mention or call the leader name Zik, Zik, Zik.. With these, the exercise was exciting and violent free. It would be better if this is so again.

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