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2019 General Elections and Alleged Influx of Arms

2019 General Elections and Alleged Influx of Arms

It behooves someone’s imagination the relationship between conduct of normal constitutional exercise and influx of ammunition into a country not really at war but only in preparation for an exercise people think must be according to their own dictate. A recent report had it that ammunition worth Three Hundred and Fifty Million Pounds (£350M) from Russia to Nigeria was intercepted and detained to date nothing again had been heard about the situation apart from war of words between Political Parties and Politicians.

Also within the Country, there are reports of interception of arms by the Police at check points and also elsewhere thereby causing unnecessary doubts about proposed polls bearing minds on what happened during previous elections whereby killings, kidnappings and other criminal acts was the order of the day by use of arms.

On the heels of this, the Century Newsfront Newspapers uses this medium to warn those mechanizing in arms and ammunition to stop forth with and if at all they would continue, let it be for the purpose of eradicating criminal acts in the Country as well as running over the Boko Haram menace.

Elections in the Country has no relationship with arms acquisition because as for as the exercise concerns the Government, it does require any person to stock pile arms for use on the D-Day. From all the elections the Nation had had countless number of lives had been lost since 2007 through this crude way of winning election at all cost. This call is necessary considering the numerous problems before the nation and should any intake be made, Nigeria known to have been the giant of Africa would be reduced to an ant.

It is our candid advice that the problems of Nigeria should not be left for the president alone to solve after all, he alone cannot be made to go and face Boko Haram whose membership had been found included ISIS an Islamic group known to be fighting their cause across the globe. We do not think that the contemporary issues being experienced in many parts of the States including Abuja, the federal capital territory are good example for the youth who through the ‘not too young to run’ bill are warming up to pilot the affairs of the Country.

Politicians should be weary of their actions and inactions so that at the end of the political life, they could be remembered well and posterity will speak well of them.

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