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2023 GENERAL ELECTIONS: No Referendum, No Election in Nigeria – Asari Dokubo

2023 GENERAL ELECTIONS: No Referendum, No Election in Nigeria – Asari Dokubo

Some will brand this write-up “evil and a lie”, but facts and numbers don’t lie. Mathematics they say is a universal language.

Let’s Set Records Straight

Out of the total of 360 House of Reps members, the entire South has 169, while the North has 191. Here is the breakdown: South East – Imo, 10 Reps; Abia, 8 Reps; Ebonyi, 6 Reps; Anambra, 11 Reps; Enugu, 8 Reps Total=  43. South South – Akwa Ibom, 10 Reps; Bayelsa, 5 Reps; Cross River, 8 Reps; Delta, 10 Reps; Edo, 9 Reps; Rivers, 13 Reps Total= 55 Reps.

Southeast and Southsouth Grand Total =98 only.

South West – Ekiti, 6 Reps; Lagos, 24 Reps; Ogun, 9 Reps; Ondo, 9 Reps; Oyo, 14 Reps; Osun, 9 Reps Total = 71 Reps. North West – Kano, 24 Reps; Kaduna, 16 Reps; Jigawa, 11 Reps; Katsina, 15 reps; Kebbi, 8 Reps; Sokoto, 11 Reps; Zamfara, 7 Reps Total = 92 Reps.

North East – Adamawa, 8 Reps; Bauchi, 12 Reps; Borno, 10 reps; Gombe, 6 Reps; Taraba, 6 Reps; Yobe, 6 Reps Total = 48 Reps. North Central – Benue, 11 Reps; Kogi, 9 Reps; Kwara, 6 Reps; Nassarawa, 5 Reps; Plateau, 8 Reps and Niger, 10 Reps Total = 49 Reps. FCT,  2 Reps. Grand Total Of The North =191

The question is, how dare you upstage these people in a vote? Even if Southeast, South-south and Southwest joined together cannot upstage the North.

More facts: Injustice Of Oil Allocation In Nigeria (1)

North Central receives 20%; CONTRIBUTES 0.00%. North East receives 16%; CONTRIBUTES 0.00%. North West receives 21%; CONTRIBUTES 0.00%. Every month, the 19 Northern states receive a minimum of 57% of 100% of oil revenue to which they CONTRIBUTE 0.00%. South West receives 16%; CONTRIBUTES 3.97%. South East receives 11.00%; CONTRIBUTES 25.07%. South South receives 15.00%; CONTRIBUTES 70.64%.

More facts, LGAs in NIGERIA: Nigeria has 774 LGAs. The North has 19 states, and the 19 states have 419 LGAs. The South has 17 states, and the 17 states have 357 LGAs. Working with the data from the office of the Accountant General as published by the Ministry of Finance (2013 April), the 357 LGAs of the 17 southern states receive 45.1% of what they contribute is 100%. The 419 LGAs of the 19 Northern states receive 54.9% of what they contribute is 0.00%.

So those hoping for a hopeless hope for restructuring should wake up. The north will never allow restructuring because they know that they can’t survive on a level playing ground.

Now you see that the north is seriously draining and stifling the development of the south? One Nigeria is the biggest fraud ever and MUST end. What the people of Nigeria need is a referendum to end this evil contraption called Nigeria and the emergence of the stifled nations within. We CAN NOT be silent about it. He that is silent in the days of the adversity of the oppressed, is more guilty and has taken the side of the oppressor.

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