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21st Century “Jihad”, Rapture or what?

The rate of killing of human beings, destruction of properties by both man and nature calls for great concern.  Such was the case in 15th century when kingdom, empires, tribes waged wars to expand their territory, usurp powers as well as tried to show superiority over others. This was prevalent in olden West Africa when the rise and fall of empires and slave trade held sway. Like in Nigeria prior to 1914 when the country came into existence, the part of the Sudanic belt, which it occupies has a history that was essentially the story of the movement and fusion of peoples.

About that time, history told us of places like Mali, Ghana, Freetown and Ashanti and also about people like Othman Dan Fodio, Mansa Musa, Sundiata Keita as well as what they and the type of wars they fought like jihad. The matter of the moment is not about the past history but about a similar event that seem to re-occur in this 21st century. Such include what is now called modern slave trade, which NAPTIP is fighting against.

Other criminal acts like bombings in open places like what took place in Abuja stadium during the 2010 independence celebration where the immediate president Goodluck Jonathan was present; social crimes like rapism, kidnapping, Boko Haram brouhaha and many other forms of security threats to enable an enemy to overrun an empire, kingdoms, city or country like is taking place in Nigeria which many people do not understand but could happen so. God forbid!

In reality, this is what Boko Haram is working toward and the method they use is what could be termed as jihad hence, the many killings today in Benue, tomorrow Borno and next tomorrow in Zamfara, Niger or Maiduguri and so and so forth just to weaken the security network of Nigeria for them to easily conquer the nation and establish what only God knows kingdoms in Nigeria. Nigeria has so many historians whom what is plaguing the nation for too long now should not be taken as a child’s play, some of the names mentioned about like Othman Dan Fodio were warlords like Zekran some victims like Sundiata Keita whom God or Allah so to say moved from zero to Hero.

Considering the size, strength and population of Nigeria, matters of the moment feels that no Nigerian would loved to be annexed, beaten or diminished when she has what it takes to defend herself and be great till the time of rapture, which no man or nation can withstand but only rapturously waiting for the coming of the hour. The matter of rapture in the matters of the moment, which the perpetrators of the many social vices tend to make them look rapturous is what they would not be able to withstand but as a matter of the moment how, what and why all these unwanton killings in Nigeria and across the globe. In Nigeria mostly, what concerns every Nigerian at home and abroad is almost every Nigerian wanting to be seen and heard when Nigerian has had one already of the president? how and why should a political party believe and say that it has Nigeria or State with all the people therein? Why did the NCNC or Action Group with the symbol of cock and palm tree respectively not believe or say so? There is an Ibibio adage that says “it cannot be good only with the baby and bad with a baby nurse”.

This wise saying is for the perpetrators of these awful criminal acts in the country to put a stop noting that when something inimical sets in or happens in the nation both perpetrators and non perpetrators would bear the consequences. Politics, campaigns and election had come and gone but Nigeria still remains. Remember, 2019 elections will come and go like every other ones which come and gone, so the present day realities should not try to destroy Nigeria and her people.

The Jihadistic tendencies behind the numerous challenges facing Nigeria called for a concerted effort of all Nigerians to end the killing in Benue and other places before the situation gets out of hand and the labour of our heroes past go in vain. God forbid. Allah inana, the issue is traceable to Boko Haram who tactically holds back Leah on religrounds.

Again, on the crux of the matter, is it rapture or what? Nigerians want to know and according to Sunny Okusung, Nigerians want to know who owns the land (Nigeria)? Is it herdsmen, Boko Haram or Nigerians? As a matter of the moment, the earlier the answer, the better because Nigeria cannot, due to a periodic exercise like election, loose identity and also as the giant of African.

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