Call them cabals, apoliticians or whatever name, the pressure of this class of people in the running of a government poses a threat to such government no matter what it has in store for the betterment of the people. Because this class of men do not have interest in politics and not thinking  politics is important, they only aid and abate the politicians in money laundering and other unhealthy acts that run down the government and making the people and government suffer complain and dying which they would not have died.

Apart from this, these people perform many other activities like becoming war contractors in the events of war where they have to serve as suppliers of war ammunition just for their benefit and never that of the government they pretend to have known everything. In the light of this therefore, freedom of speech, that of the press, of information and of assembly are vital for the realization of human rights. It is not all those who present themselves as Politician are real politicians but are apoliticians who enter the field to satisfy their own selfish ends.

The problem the present day government seems to encounter stems from these facts because of avowed stance of the government to deal with looters and recover the looted sums of money, which was their own interest of going into the politics. Against this backdrop, therefore, we opine that those who have no interest for the politics should quit the stage to only those who are the real politicians, who would relentlessly work for the benefit of the Nigerians.

Nigerians made no mistake to adopt democracy as her own system of government knowing fully well that as the most populous African country, there was the need to serve many people equal participation in the government and have a say in the government since the system is for the people by the people and for the people.

We also believe that since communication is a powerful means of promoting democratization of the society and of widening public participation in the decision making process, effort should be geared towards removing all obstacles like Boko Haram menace, unknown gunmanship, herdsmenship and killing of innocent citizens as is happening in the North/Western part of the country.

Finally, the way things are going in the country should serve as an eye opener to every Nigerian since they seem to be threats to the country’s existence and all should be done to nip them in the buds irrespective of whatever religion or political party one belongs to. So, be it guerrilla warfare, jihad, war of words, hate speech, Nigerians should avoid those things that seem to detract the attention of the government because should the enemy win this war, which many people consider as a child’s play. It would be a loss to all Nigerians no matter the status quo. Be warned.

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