Football like politics is an exciting game but its strength as far as Unity is concerned outweighed that of politics. the just concluded FIFA World Cup in Russia where 32 Countries are participated in the Fiesta attest to the fact that really the game of football has a very strong Unifying Power to bring people from far and near together in peace. A look at the Stadia so Far Where this game took place show multitude of people from around the world cheering, rejoicing and discussing very friendly with each other possibly about the match they watched or any other issues of interest.

            This is hardly the case in such another case like politics. Both games are exciting especially when won but the opposite when lost and concern millions of others in politics mostly in developed nations. Politics in some parts of the States in Nigeria about ten or so years ago, had been very unexciting occasioned by wanton killings of people mainly of other political parties they feel pose problems to them their political pursuit. this trend now metaphors Kidnappings for a ransom, court Cases, Political tendencies hardly cause affection and Unity of people in Local Government Areas, States and the country at large talk less outside the country where this could have taken like in the game of Football. If it were to be so, nobody could have been able to move a pole or so outside this territory. One sees Unity in diversity in the game of Football as thousands of people from many countries of the world gathered together in Russia thus bringing the whole world into a global Village amidst dancing, Joy, shouts and jubilation.

            Now as a matter of the moment especially now that law of not too young run will soon come into operation in Nigeria, the spirit of the football game should be introduced into politics where the not too young to run in one party be made to engage other not too young to run in other party particularly after listening to their manifestoes then should any one of them wins in the football field and also at the polls, such would be considered capable to rule with the spirit of the games. This is necessary because none of them will think of hijacking ballot boxes from the polling centers and no old man would ever think undertaking such venture for the faces of any youth like they did for the old in the past

            In the just concluded football fiesta in Russia, there is no battle line between countries and more so, there are no party inclinations. Imagine the citizens of Nigeria talking good about the performance of another country’s team equally with that of their home team. This really portrays the degree of Unity among Countries in football game. In the field or the arena, the issue of Moslem, Christianity, Hindu etc, my team or my country, over this or our that does not hold water what concerns the fans is to see which team play well, who wins or which team losses and from what they see they talk or discuss a way forward instead of like in politics where destruction of lives and property would be the order of the day.

Finally, since these two games are things that cannot be done without of politics by way of legislation to make it as a Unifying Force like in the Field of Football. Your guessing in this direction or so is as good as mine.

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