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Abuse of Power Weds Corruption

These words or faceless couples in the marriage institution though abstract have human connect ion. They, though difficult to decipher who between them is a male or female had been in marriage ever since the beginning of the world when God through His love for man joined Adam and Eve in marriage. A look at the Holy Book, Genesis chapter 2 verses 22 to 25 and narrate how and when wedding came to being and immediately followed by the wedding between Abuse of power and Corruption. Their coming together has a cosmic effect on the world in general and Nigeria in particular. The trend of this event as recorded in the Holy Bible vindicates what obtains in every human, group, societal and individual life.

In societal life taking Nigeria as a case study, intermarriage between Corruption and Abuse of Power took place as far back to the advent of colonial masters into the territory and with that it becomes pertinent that Corruption is more than 100 years older than the country who now suffers the effect of the marriage. The coming of the masters was similar to the coming of the serpent into the marriage life of Adam and Eve which the Bible in Genesis 3:1 states. “Now the serpent was craftier than any of the wild animals the Lord God has made”. Its contact with the fore parents brought about the suffering of the present day inhabitants of the world as a result of the abuse of position and or power by Adam and Eve. Corruption and abuse of power or office brings about all sorts of social vices prevailing in the world today. Nowadays, those behind the scene carry out acts without fear or favour not even minding that God is there. Those with absolute power corrupt absolutely to the detriment of others. Contemporary issues across the globe point out to the fact that these wedded couples have turned the whole world down and those living therein do so at the mercy of God who had at first blessed Adam and Eve and this the serpent was not pleased. God cursed the ground and the serpent but punished Adam and Eve Genesis 3:13-19 in line with the injunction He placed that what He had joined together no one should put asunder. Even with this the fights between the two monsters in marriage homes seem to render marriage institutions useless.

The matter of the moment now is who ever joined the marriage between Abuse of office and corruption? Who blessed the marriage? Who or what do they produce? Your answer to these questions is as good as mine. If the answer is hard to come by or there is no answer, it is better to deal decisively with such marriages. Everyone knows that abuse of power breeds corruption and corruption in turn put to birth stealing, killing, maiming, kidnapping, rapping, suicide bombing, falsification of examination and election results as well as ballot box snatching and the rest of them.

Change as it happened in the Garden of Eden took place and now change has come to Nigeria with President Muhammadu Buhari as the father or owner of Nigeria when God as the owner of the Garden of Eden visited Adam and Eve made the change on seeing another marriage in the garden. These faceless couples had been the bane of Nigerian society over the years and in the spirit of change President Buhari is poised to dealing with the matter. Other countries are looking forward for a change to happen in Nigeria as had happened in other countries.

The matter of the moment is that he might not be able to humanly deal with the monsters without the co-operation of Nigerians particularly the legislators. Under the law the feat could be reduced to a minimum when the law makers themselves first caution themselves by living above board in defiance to their selfish, party or religious interest. When all hands are put together surely Nigeria will forge ahead. The powers that be should in the interim avoid power tussle. The power tussle in the Upper House is unfortunate and unhealthy in the development of the country especially now insurgency is forcefully threatening to sink the nation and should that happen (*for be it) nobody would be spared.

To God be the glory.                

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