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A’Ibom State Health Insurance To Journalists: Opens Door to Responsible Press


The Akwa Ibom State Government gesture to the effort that it would take the responsibility of paying for two hundred and fifty Journalists earmarked to benefit from the Akwa Ibom State Health Insurance Scheme is a welcome development. The gesture apart from making them healthy will assist them in improving their productivity and work toward becoming a responsible press. This effect will shade more light on the health development of the State by the present administration led by Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.

Upon this development therefore, the Udom led administration has started putting measures to enhance responsible press in the state. It is therefore imperative for media professionals to join hands with the government toward ensuring a responsible Government and a developed State as well. Also, the government should put more effort to accommodating members and their spouses in the scheme. While commending the Government for what it has so far made to change the face of the state we therefore call on well to-do-individuals, groups and organizations to join hands to the Government and the press toward improving the society.

We advice the health institutions where these professionals shall seek their services to be truthful while rendering their God given duty to these men of goodwill. They would not condition it as their own time to benefit from the national cake. When this is done and everything being equal, the much expected developed society will be achieved because with the healthy condition, the exercise will bring the more wellness and every aspect the State will achieve.


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