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Akwa Ibom At 28 Is Of Age, But …

A child of twenty eight years old can never be said to be a teenager but an adult and going by the Nigerian constitution such a person after the age of eighteen years is nothing but an adult. Going by this circumstance therefore, Akwa Ibom State at 28 is of age but still needs much of parental care in all what it needs to nurture her to real adulthood when her silver, golden, century birth day celebrations could be made. Though created by a military administration on September 23, 1987, no one could rightly say or describe her as a child of circumstance in as far as she was created by the Almighty Creator (Akwa Abasi) who named her after His Name (Akwa-Abasi Ibom State).

Her journey so far since creation 28 years ago had never been without challenges but with God on the side of the Akwa Ibomites, such challenges had always been overcome through the merciful hands of the creator whom by the use of ten (10) valiant Nigerian both military and civil since creation piloted the affairs of the state to the present height whereby no one could take her for a ride in any circumstance.

Against this backdrop therefore, the Century Newsfront Newspapers congratulates Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel for being the present and the 10th Governor of the state so far.

In the light of this, we call on every Akwa Ibom, young and old to rally round Governor Udom Emmanuel to be able to deliver the goods especially with the promise of industrializing the state. So far, in his 100 days in office, Governor Udom had reactivated the Peacock Paint industry in Ikot Ekan, Etinan Local Government Area, performed a ground Ground Breaking Ceremonies for: DAAR Communications Broadcasting Complex, Abak; Lead factory at Itam; Shoprite at Ibom Tropicana; Automobile Assembly Plant at Itu among others to ensure that unemployment, juvenile delinquency among other social vices would be a thing of the past in the state.

We advise that people should not truncate the polity by all and sundry trying to enter into politics whereas such seats need just one person per constituency district or ward. Finally, to wrap it all, we opine by that even at 28, Akwa Ibom is of age but still needs much parental care, hence the federal government should see the state as such instead of applying force to wipe her if at all, she errs.

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