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Ateke Tom storms A’ Ibom again  Vows to support Udom if…  By our Correspondent

Ateke Tom storms A’ Ibom again Vows to support Udom if… By our Correspondent

An ex-war lord, grand commander of National peace, a great crusader, peace lover and advocate, a champion of equity and justice in the Niger Delta and indeed Nigeria, High Chief Ateke Tom is set to visit Akwa Ibom state to ascertain the pace of development by the present administration-led by Chief Godswill Akpabio.

High Chief (Comrade) Ateke Tom whose mission to the state is not very clear but fillers from the grape vine indicates that he may likely declare his support to the PDP guber candidta, Mr. Udom Emmanuel. Hoever, Chief Ateke while chatting with newsmen said, “No matter what politically twisted interpretations Chef Godswill Akpabio and his odyssey are subject to, history will be kind to him. He has shown leadership by introducing free and compulsory education in Akwa Ibom State. Governor Akpabio no doubt has shown unusual charisma, courage, and commitment to the greater good of the people of Akwa Ibom State, the Niger Delta region and indeed Nigeria in general”

It would be recalled that in the early days of Governor Akpabio administration, it was rumoured in all the states of the federation that Akpabio had fully demonstrated a sincere passion for good roads. In the early days of this government, the Governor, Chief Godswil Akpabio had fully demonstrated a sincere passion for good roads in Akwa Ibom State. Then he embarked on “Operation Zero Pot Holes”, a determination to maintain roads in the state. Less than one year into his term, he realized that the option alone was not going to help the government achieve the vision of providing motorable roads for the governed. He went into massive infrastructure project in the state.

In the area of security, Chief Tom rates Akwa Ibom State as number one in providing adequate security for the citizens. There has been no reported cases of infiltration by outsiders who come to commit havoc. The area is well protected and well secured.

In terms of peace, the Justice of Peace sees Akwa Ibom State as the only state in the entire country enjoying tremendous peace under the administration of Chief Godswill Akpabio, which depicts good governance. The ethnicity problem which hitherto formed the major problem in Akwa Ibom State is now a thing of the past. There is absolute unity in the state.

“Developmentally, the construction of fine and durable road network, Flyovers, E-Library, World Class International Stadium, International Airport, 21st Century Specialist Hospital and the apparent change in the demographic form of the state really speaks volume about the good governance of Chief Akpabio” Chief Ateke observed.

Akwa Ibom State has now opened its rich tourism potentials to the world through the massive construction of roads traversing the historic slave trade routes leading from Abak to Ikot Abasi through Ikot Okoro road.

The famous Ikot Abasi town where women displayed uncommon courage against British colonialists in 1929, is fast repositioning itself not just as a tourism town, but as an evolving industrial giant in the Niger Delta Region through 20 urban roads constructed in Ikot Ekpene, the ‘Raffia City’ of Nigeria, where impassable roads hitherto had impeded access to some of the best traditional Arts and craft of Africa.

Governor Akpabio, according to Chief Ateke Tom, sees everything reprehensible with the political empowerment of individuals including the youths without political address. He has taken bold steps to preserve the integrity of Akwa Ibom people. Something most governors cannot do. To him, the pars must be strong enough to stand as a whole. “The good governance of Governor Akpabio has greatly reduced the acute rate of unemployment in Akwa Ibom. I can see that majority of the youths in Akwa Ibom are gainfully employed” Chief Tom enthused.

“There is no good second to Chief Godswill Akpabio in good governance in the country. The only governor I should say has tried in the development of the state in terms of infrastructure is Governor Fashola of Lagos State.

“No matter how some puritans decide to interpret his leadership of Akwa Ibom during his tenure, Chief Godswill Akpabio would go down as a man who, like all great men, shows that service to humanity has no boundaries. He might not be penciled down for sainthood but what percentage of humanity achieves such ecclesiastical listing? He has his flaws like all humans but his contributions to his world towers above average and there lies the greatness and why he is being celebrated”.

“I am proud to be associated with Chief Godswill Akpabio, a loyal and bonafide son of the South-South geo-political zone who is popularly and globally acclaimed “the best governor in the country”.

Look around; there seems to be too few sparks that can inflame such regional awakening as the fire he has lit which can evidently be noticed with other states of this great ‘country’.

Past governments in the state have always constructed roads, but the state has never witnessed what the government of Chief Akpabio has given to the State.

“Governor Akpabio has succeeded in bringing the needed peace and unity to the country. He is, indeed, the best governor Nigeria has ever had”. He affirmed.

High Chief Ateke Tom, a man of many parts, with high taste for peace, an invincible ex-war lord from the Niger Delta Region of the South-South geo-political zone in the country is a man to reckon with.

He has contributed in no small measure to the prevalent peace and tranquility now predominantly stable in the Niger Delta albeit Nigeria in general. He is the one who had single-handedly and tirelessly fought for the total liberation of the Niger Delta.

Chief Ateke Tom, an embodiment of philanthropy is also a Certified United Nations Justice of the Peace (JP), he is no less a proud, staunch P.D.P stalwart.

He has a stint for progress, development; he cares very much about the Unity and Progress of the country Nigeria.

Chief Ateke Tom believes positively in hard work, equity, justice and fair play. He is no doubt head over heels in love with good governance. That is why he poured more encomiums on the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Godswill Akpabio (CON).

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