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Attah Deserves Much More Honour

Attah Deserves Much More Honour

Really whenever a man does something worthy of praises particularly life touching acts like good deeds, projects, heroic mannerism and other worth honouring either while alive or post humusly. Situations like this abound in the country where people who make communities proud are honoured by naming edifices, roads and structures after them; presently in Akwa Ibom State and throughout the nation such abound like Idongesit Nkanga secretariat, Ibrahim Babangida Way, Olusegun Obasanjo Way and lots more.

These people feel happy that their people do recognized them for their contributions they had made in the development of the society. Again, the Federal Government of Nigeria, every year at independence honour a great number of persons for their contributions towards the development of the Nation.

Against this backdrop therefore, the Century Newsfront Newspapers calls on the authority concerned to open its book of record   and consider extending such gesture to the past Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Architect Obong Victor Attah. Without mincing words, Obong Attah, now leader of Akwa Ibom State had contributed a lot to the development of Akwa Ibom State. Such contributions include a successful fight against onshore, off shore oil dichotomy regime, which had made the state the number one producer of oil.

Moreso, with the little funds at his disposal by that time, he was able to design and build an international airport which now helps in generating revenue to the government coffers. The efforts he made at that time started to yield fruit after he had left office and like the science park he wanted to establish could not see the light of the day perhaps because of the fact that his vision could coned could not interpreted or followed after he had left office.

Consequent upon this, we join voice with many voices within and outside the state for the airport to be renamed and addresses as Victor Attah International Airport just as we have had Akpabio International Stadium which has just come on board. Obong Attah while alive deserves this honour.

Finally, other prominent indigenes in the state and in Diaspora who in one way or the other had contributed their quota while living or had died should as well be penned down for one honour or the other. This is a just course which must be followed to show that the indigenes both the leader and the led know what is good and what is bad. This and only this would provide the needed peace and love of one another.

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