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Attributes, Values and Skills of a leader

Attributes, Values and Skills of a leader

  1. Never Allow Anyone to Question your integrity. True leaders are those whose character is NEVER questioned. NEVER means NEVER EVER!
  2. Do Your job With Excellence. Adopt the following personal philosophy: If my name is going to be attached to something, it will be accomplished to the absolute best of my ability.
  3. Don’t Say You’re a Team Player, Be One. If you are not viewed as a true team player, you will never be a leader. Selfishness speaks loudly and defeats any possibility of being recognized as a leader.
  4. Do What is Expected of You. This means returning all calls, texts and phone calls in a timely manner. It means being on time and prepare for all appointments and finishing ALL projects and tasks on time.
  5. Show Respect to Everyone in Meetings. It goes without saying that demonstrating respect for people in all circumstances is critical if you want to be viewed as someone likable and valued. But it is especially relevant in a business setting. For instance, if you start a side conversation in a meeting or consistently interrupt someone, not only will this person lose respect for you, but it’s also likely you will be viewed poorly by everyone in the room.
  6. Don’t Complain Without Making an Effort to Improve Things. If you feel the need to complain about something, make sure you are prepared to present a well thought out solution. And even then, be careful about how you position your complaint. Great leaders are problem solvers, not complainers.
  7. Try to Understand the Other Person’s Point of View – If you will master the 10 Ways to Be a Better Listener and show people that their opinions are valued and appreciated, their respect for you will grow. No one likes a know-it-all.
  8. Look For Opportunities to Stand Out – If someone is running behind on an important project, volunteer to help him or her out. If there is a problem with something, volunteer to get to the bottom of it. Be willing to come in early, stay late, and work on a weekend if something needs to get done. Look for things you can do to get noticed for going above and beyond your normal responsibilities.
  9. Volunteer to Lead – If a project needs spear heading, be the first to volunteer. The more you do to step into a leadership role, the more likely it is that you will be viewed as one who leads. And ultimately, you’ll have the ability to impact decisions and influence others.
  10. Build a Great Team – The brand of the people under your leadership affects your personal brand. If you want to be respected as a leaders, then lead by example and build a great team of people who individually strive for excellence. Great leaders challenge people to perform at higher levels than they normally would without the benefit of the leader.
  11. Maintain a Positive Attitude – Let’s face it-we all like to be around people who have a positive attitude. It’s easy to have this outlook when things are going well. But it’s the people who can maintain a positive attitude during stressful times or when handling negative situations that are the ones who are admired most.
  12. Focus on Your Goal – If you want to be a leaders, then you must be intentional about building meaningful relationships with the people who have influence in your work environment. The more these people like and trust you, the more they will be drawn to you.

Culled from: 360 LEADERS Academy

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