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Barr Emmanuel Enoidem: Selfless And Dedicated Team Player By Henshaw Nyong

” It’s that wonderful idea that others come first and you come second. This is the whole
ethic by which I was brought up.
Others matter more than you do, so, don’t fuss, dear; get on with it’- Audrey Hepburn.

The above quote is the revered words of the articulate British Actress and Humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn; which aptly describes the avalanche of positive affection the Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Barrister Emmanuel Moses Enoidem, has benevolently attracted to himself.

Before I proceed let me make it clear that I have never been one for praise-singing. And even if I were, my list would be limited to
zero by now. However, it is pertinent to note that this piece on Pastor Enoidem, is as a consequence of his selfless and dedicated service to both God and humanity. Therefore, I am left with no option but to shower accolades on him by categorically stating that he is truly a trustworthy team player, an epitome of legendary humility and calmness, a bridge builder, a dedicated patriot and nationalist, an astute pro-people politician and unrepentant democrat, a cheerful giver of both self and resources, and an indefatigable elder statesman of repute.

In our clime today, integrity is scarce. Nevertheless, a few
have held their head high above the murk of corruption in
which the majority have sunk and wallowed deeply in and it would not be fair to be silent on these few shining examples because of the darkly sinister majority.

Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem is the man of the moment. At all times, he has brought to the fore top-notch integrity, humility and passion in both public and private sector where he found himself; as a law luminary of note, a very witty lecturer, an astute Local Government council boss, hardworking and self-sacrificial Commissioner for the benefit of not just the upper class, as his contemporaries are guilty of, but the average man and woman in the remotest village especially in Utu Ikot Eboro, Etim Ekpo Local Government Area, where he hails from. Frankly, Enoidem is one “Prophet” that has respect and admiration from his country home.

Also, in the politics of Akwa Ibom state, Barrister Enoidem’s unrivalled political dexterity and acumen is second to none, while at the national level, he possesses an uncommon capacity to build and mold consensus across ethno-religious and political divide. This has won him widespread respect not just in Akwa Ibom but also nationally. It is certain though, that no matter the recent campaign of calumny and tissue of lies against this Clergyman, the educated people of Akwa Ibom know that the destructive media war that a few launched against Commissioner Enoidem will never be attractive to them; hence they always wave the destructive critics’ blackmail with the back of their hands.

As his avid admirer; there are times, I thought he should have done things differently maybe, use his high-ranking position and top-brass connections to silence his detractors. But never has this Etim Ekpo born legal practitioner retorted in the face of any false accusation. He has consistently remained a positive role model to my generation and a shining star among his contemporaries.

In a society where leadership is built primarily on size of one’s wealth, purchased loyalty and the power that comes with the official position one occupies, Enoidem’s leadership style on the contrary is built and derived from his charisma, positive influence, selfless service and laudable track-record of achievements.

As the first-ever State Commissioner for Housing and Urban Renewal, with his unassuming nature and magnetic strength of character, Enoidem remarkably piloted the affairs of the pioneer Ministry by launching a template of administrative and service procedures which however made the ministry a cynosure of all eyes. Again, by the time the need was greater in the Ministry of Special Duties, the then Governor Godswill Akpabio knew it was only one of his Apostles with the Midas touch that can perform the magic, thus, sent Commissioner Enoidem to oversee activities of that Ministry.

It is on record that Enoidem has the culture of discharging duties assigned to him conscientiously and where necessary, placed it back on the path of accelerated socio-economic development. A typical but celebrated example of his dedication to duties was the remodelling of Uyo, the State capital, as well as Ikot Ekpene. Others include the Ibom Tropicana, Governor’s lodge, Governor’s office, Banquet Hall, to mention a few.

Before the this year’s elections, it is on record that Barrister Enoidem who is the former State Treasurer of the PDP showcased his no-dulling style. This he did by introducing in the entire Etim Ekpo/Ika Federal Constituency, a very vigorous person-to-person, door-to-door and mouth-to-mouth campaign to see that his prized asset in the person of Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, a thoroughbred Akwa Ibomite from Ibibio and professional par excellence, as well as other PDP candidates emerge victorious in the just concluded elections. To the glory of God, not even one vote went to none existing opposition party in the area.

From Akwa Ibom, his home state, like other states in the Country, the jovial and quiet law kingpin and Pastor at Power City International, has an endless retinue of admires and followers.
For instance, this is what the esteemed Rev (Dr) Abel Damina and other well-meaning Nigerians recently said about Commissioner Enoidem when the later marked his Golden Jubilee on the 20th of July, 2014:
“…Your life has been a blessing to humanity and the kingdom of God. Your humility and commitment to the work of God despite the huge demands of your high office remains an example worthy of emulating. My wife and I and indeed the entire Power City International family want you to know that we love you and cease not to pray that God’s abundant grace will sustain you and empower you to do more to impact your generation and the Church in the years to come.”

For the immediate-past State Deputy Governor, Lady Valerie Ebe, Barrister Enoidem’s “commitment, dependability, loyalty and hard work has propelled him to his present station…his sterling service to God, his people and humanity has been outstanding.”

Even the immediate-past Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, member House of Representatives for Ogbia Federal Constituency, Hon Nadu Kabiro amongst others, hold their Special friend; Enoidem in high esteem as evidenced in their message of felicitations to the Commissioner of his 50th Birthday. “I count myself lucky to have you as a special friend and today is that perfect day to tell you so”, said Hon Nadu Kabiro.

Apart from the well-to-do people, yours truly also sought the opinion of indigenes of Etim Ekpo to get feelers from the grassroots about their kinsman. While beaming with smiles, a youth leader in Eka Uruk Eshiet, Mr Effiong Ekong said; ‘’Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem is not only a rare Nigerian breed, but an uncommon individual phenomenon in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and beyond its shores. He is a role model to me and to most young and the old people of our generation, especially those that have come his way. His rise and rise from obscurity to grace, through hard work and diligence is, indeed a great motivation to all. Take note, he isn’t the richest Akwa Ibom man or Nigerian that we have seen, but his carefree generosity to all, especially the needy is legendary, as hardly ever done by
other well-to-do people of our society. Barrister Enoidem has
done marvellously well for us by drawing government’s presence to our area and raising the scale of
meaningful development. He is paying a deserving tithe
through God’s work and caregiving to the very poor’’.

Bassey Akpan, a businessman
told my team in a similar fashion that Commissioner Enoidem is an ‘enigma’ of a businessman and a man of superb leadership traits, whom he is taking after. Hear him further; ‘’He (Enoidem) has sharpened my business instincts just as I have learnt a great deal about how to warm my way into people, in the manner he is loved by numerous people. Hon Emmanuel Enoidem is a man of the people’’.

In the exact words of Mrs Regina Udofia, a leader of womenfolk in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area; she spoke elatedly about Enoidem. “He is the most broadminded
and resourceful of men. His liberality and support for our
people is outstanding. Hon Emmanuel Enoidem is another name for love, peace and togetherness. He is a prophet honoured at home and abroad.’’

At this point, the question many would be quick to ask is what makes this visionary, detribalized and soft spoken but charismatic Nigerian special?  Providing answers to the question would need one to publish a compendium of not less than 1000 pages, if one is to only compile his achievements starting from when his people elected him Executive Chairman of Etim Ekpo Local Government Council in 1997, down to his present stay in the Akwa Ibom State Executive Council as a Commissioner, Enoidem has been showing commitment and loyalty to government and above all, he has been consistent in the economic empowerment of his people; providing scholarship to indigent students, building houses for the downtrodden and elderly as well as purchasing vehicles for his people to aid their movement, to mention a few.

At this juncture, many would ask, why is the writer singing the praise of this amazon? Is it for the money? Or is he seeking cheap recognition? Well, the answer to the aforementioned questions is simple but yet difficult. The simple answer to all the questions, regardless of the entitled opinions of the readers, is that in a society so deficient in positive role models and visionary leaders, it has become a moral burden and call to duty, especially for a young man like myself, to at all times roll out the drums and blow the trumpet of any noble man or woman no matter how wealthy or poor that personality is, who has distinguished him/herself competently and credibly in serving humanity. In this case, that noble man who the cap accurately fits is the amiable and sagacious Barrister Emmanuel Moses Enoidem. This in order to give a sense of hope to my generation and inspiration to posterity; which is what we need the most as a nation, in the face of the present conundrum that confronts us. The Honourable Commissioner, Sir, please step forward and take a cool bow!

NYONG is a public Affairs Analyst, wrote from Uyo.
SMS: 0802-287-8104.

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