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Ben Akak Commends Ayade’s Industrialization Strides, Says Projects are Under-Reported

Ben Akak Commends Ayade’s Industrialization Strides, Says Projects are Under-Reported

Engr. Ben Akak, a leading gubernatorial aspirant under the All Progressives Congress has expressed dissatisfaction with the media reportage of Governor Ayade’s Projects.

The Industrialist who said the governor’s projects and achievements seem to be under-reported also described the projects completed by the governor as epic and phenomenal. Engr. Akak stated that Ayade is a God sent to Cross River State who out of ingenuity has set the state on a pedestal of economic boom.

Addressing newsmen during a tour of Ayade’s projects in Calabar, the business tycoon lamented the low reportage of such world-class projects capable of transforming any economy.

“I think governor Ayade’s program on industrialization is underreported and I don’t know what the reason is, maybe it’s a conspiracy of silence, however, I am shocked, these are just a few projects we have seen and I think we need to encourage Cross Riverians to applaud him more and if there’s a special award, it should be given to him for not just but the bold steps to lead the state out of a civil service state to an industrial base.” He said.

Continuing, Akak said, “These factories that we see here are projects that will crystallise the economy of the entire state and turn the state into not just an industrial-based but a self-sufficient state.

“Ayade has also created an enabling environment to value chain the process and it makes my job very easy. As someone in the private sector, linkages are not a problem. All we need do is to bring a few little touches we need to bring to bear to ensure that the people begin to reap the dividend and then the impact is felt. Because the bottom line is to create a state where we begin to produce more and import less.”

“There’s no way you can be sufficient without food, Ayade is taking the time to put up necessary machinery that will make us less hungry, to be food sufficient, he has also created a market for us. How I wish the media could report this more, I wish the media could channel its activities on the Industrialisation project of Governor Ben Ayade. I know a few media guys who feel that governor Ayade hasn’t done anything and that’s why I believe you guys need to do more.” Akak informed.

Charging Cross Riverians, Akak said it was high time Cross Riverians began to invest more in the state, noting that the next destination of Cross River State is job creation; therefore more businesses need to be created which will, in turn, open up employment opportunities to Cross Riverians. He emphasised that his administration will create more jobs using the industrialization foundation laid by Ben Ayade.

“I didn’t need to visit here when in my declaration I said we will create jobs, indeed Ayade has made that a lot easier. He has laid the foundation, the next governor should come and create jobs and I tell you, Ben Akak will create jobs that will be necessary for Cross River State to grow.” He added.

The governorship hopeful, therefore, called on those journalists and media houses who never saw anything good about Ayade’s Industrialisation push to repent and give the governor the needed media support.

“Those who never believed in Ayade’s Industrialisation drive should come to take a tour for themselves and make sure it is properly reported. We want the world to see that the light is shining in Cross River and it is courtesy of Prof. Ben Ayade and that we are not mincing words, we are clear about that, he has done what has never been done before I set up a lot of businesses and I know what it means to start up to this level and I will say Ayade has done well, more than well.

The humanitarian cum business tycoon also informed that he will build on Ayade’s foundation. Stating that in a few years to come the destination of Africa will be Cross River with a focus on Calabar.


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