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Buhari’s Rumoured Death

Buhari’s Rumoured Death

Buhari is dead (Haba!!!) What is whimsical about that? As a Muslim which basically takes place within 24 hours after the death of a member, the rumored death of Buhari has failed to tell Nigerians nay the entire world when and where the said Buhari is buried. Allah ina-na.

Several presidents of the countries in the world had reigned, died and buried and without being an issue so why should the “death” of Buhari be an issue greater than many greater issues affecting the nation. Afterall, the creator of the Universe had pronounced death on every mortal no matter who or what the mortal may be, must die at appointed time due to the disobedience of our fore parents in the Garden of Eden.

Nigeria has so many issues to tackle like insurgency in the North East, corruption, recession, kidnapping, unemployment, hunger and Fulani herdsmen brouhaha among others. The death of Buhari now cannot solve all these issues in so far as the country must continue to exist. So, there is nothing particular about his death which makes some sections in the community happy or rejoice over the matter while others in some other sections of the community keep mute pondering how and why that should be so when the period the president applied for some days off duty has not elapsed. Biblical centurion died, civilian presidents died and if these mortals died, is Buhari not a mortal being. In view of the foresaid facts Buhari would vacate the seat at appointed time and not the way of the rumour mongers want the world to comprehend.

The Century Newsfront Newspapers on this note opines that Nigerians should focus their minds on how the many social ills affecting the nation could  be addressed instead of on trivial issue like death which every human being must taste. Thanks Goodness, thought or of the Creator is not of like those of men because if it were to be so, no man be it ruler or subject could have been on the earth. The social media have important role to play in a matter like this by way of reporting when this Muslim faithful died and where he was buried and how many of his equals from outside and in the country attended his burial ceremonies.

In the other hand, this man should be praised for accepting to hold the bull by the horns because in leadership, it is an uphill task to fire a vocal corrupt citizen with fabulous bank without being hated with fantastic ways of making a reprisal. The president cannot die by mere wishes of a group of people and even if he dies, no single group can ultimately take up the mantle.

Finally, let Nigerians wish the President quick recovery from whatever ailment that befalls him rather than wishing him otherwise to create a precedence for future national leaders, after all, Pharaoh, Saul, David and many world leaders today had died without much ado for nothing.


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