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Chief Jerry Okpo: A Political Colossus At 65

Chief Jerry Okpo: A Political Colossus At 65

By Edet Okpo

In an historic moment like this, we are reminded of the fundamental truth that everyone born into this world has an obligation to contribute to the growth and development of humanity, to make the society better than we met it through our vision, philosophy, realistic dreams, actions and individual commitments to the ideals of positive existence.

Elder Chief Jerry Okpo is a man of many parts, woven into a sagacious and quintessential leader. Early in life, young Jerry was taught the Christian virtue of promoting God’s work wherever he finds himself by his Parents. Since then, he has lived a life of Service to God and Humanity.

Whereas not many may have been blessed with the clairvoyance and personal ability to know quite early in life why they were born, where they were going or given the gracious opportunity to live long enough to fulfil their dreams, the life and bold footprints of Golden Chief Jerry Okpo as he clocks 65 years on earth – still strong, hale and hearty – clearly single him out as a man with the special grace of God. It is a testimony that simply points to the fact that in spite of his human nature and the many inescapable hurdles on the precarious road of life, Chief Jerry Okpo is indeed a special creation of the Almighty God who in His omniscience reserves longevity for great patriot like him because of the significant roles he was born to play in the advancement of humanity. It is therefore gladdening to Say that Chief Okpo has neither disappointed the Supreme Order nor humanity in his eventful sojourn for 65 years now.

It is joyous and and fulfilling to navigate through life from infancy to adulthood and maturity, attaining the age of 65, bubbling with good health and aging gracefully. This is God’s special favour upon your life, and we are eternally grateful to Him.

It is noteworthy that in your Sojourn on this planet in the last 65 years, you have not been an onlooker or a passer-by, but God has, in his infinite mercies, in these past years used you to shape the political landscape of Okobo in particular and Oro Nation in general, through your indepth positive contributions and consistency. As a political Pathfinder and a known voice in Oro Nation and Akwa Ibom State politics, you have not disappointed God and Humanity. Your humane, charismatic and philanthropic dispositions are commendable. You are a worthy asset not only to Okobo people, Akwa Ibom State, but to Nigeria.

Born in April 23, 1954 into the famous Chief Okon Okpo’s family in Ikono Offi-Oro, Okobo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Elder (Chief) Jerry Okpo grew up in firm touch with his life’s dreams and unwavering determination to see them fulfilled. His grand entry into politics, culminating into his appointment as PDP South South Zonal Coordinator (Link man) attracted some quality dividends of democracy to his Community and Local Government Area. In his sustained drive and commitment towards Church development, Elder Chief Jerry Okpo renovated and remodelled the 1000- Sitting capacity Methodist Church Nigeria, Ikono Offi Atak Oro, Okobo Local Government Area to give comfort to Worshippers in the Church.

Chief Jerry Okpo, a team player and a practical Christian has chosen a dignified path of selfless Service to God and Humanity, which is the trademark of transformational leadership. It is a path marked with legacy and dotted with commitment, sacrifice and responsibility. To Jerry Okpo, life without God is a life of misery, wretchedness, despair and depression. He firmly believes that without the hands of God in the affairs of men, there is absolutely nothing anybody can accomplish in life, not to mention any attainment or accomplishment.

Chief Jerry Okpo unarguably belongs to the stronger breed and golden generation of our socio-political experience and disquisition. He is a repertoire of the purest quality of our cultural and political values, a symbol of Unity of our tribal diversity, an Icon of coexistence in the multiplicity of Opinions and a sage of inestimable value.

In a trampled political culture such as ours where many have manifested poor individual ideology and crass unworthiness with boomerang consequences, Golden Chief Jerry Okpo as fondly called by his political associates, friends and admirers, remains an iconic example of political stability and steadfastness in what he believes in, supporting every government that has come into power inspite of divergence ideologies, refusing to be a fair- weather politician of no distinct identity and destination, and thus becoming one of the greatest loyalists of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) from the time the party came into existence in 1998.

In appreciation for his leadership perspectives and immense contributions to the socio-political development of Oro Nation, the Council of Oro Traditional Rulers (COTR) bestowed on him, the prestigious Honorary Chieftaincy title of NTA NTA ORO (THE STAR OF ORO NATION).

Big brother and Head of the Okpo’s Dynasty, your rare pedigree as an outstanding Elder- Statesman, Patriot, astute and renowned politician have indeed endeared you to well meaning minds across the globe.

As you celebrate 65 years of God’s amazing Grace and faithfulness upon your life, I join your immediate family, our big Sister/deputy Speaker and Member representing Okobo State Constituency in Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Princess Felicia Bassey, Stakeholders of Okobo Local Government Area, Oro Nation and Akwa Ibom State at home and in the Diaspora to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.

Edet Okpo, a younger brother to Chief Jerry Okpo is a Journalist, public Affairs analyst and Maritime Commentator.

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