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CRARN Dedicates Int’l Freedom Award To Gov. Udom Emmanuel

CRARN Dedicates Int’l Freedom Award To Gov. Udom Emmanuel

…Describes Akwa Ibom as the most peaceful state in Africa

…Says Nigeria Police is most child friendly institution in the world

A charity group in Nigeria, the Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) has dedicated the 2022 international Freedom Prize award to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

The dedication was announced by its President and CEO, Dr. Sam Itauma in Caen, Normandy, France during the commemoration ceremony of the Second World War invasion of Normandy that took place on May 31st 2022. Itauma averred that Mr. Emmanuel has not only brought peace and serenity to Akwa Ibom State but has made the state the most peaceful in Africa. He called on investors to take advantage of the unique and vibrant economic potentials that Akwa Ibom State offers.

“…Today, I make bold to say that my State, Akwa Ibom is not only the most peaceful state in Nigeria but the most peaceful and loving state in Africa. And we as the people think that this individual deserves a pat on the back. Therefore, we dedicate this International Freedom Prize 2022 award hosted here in Caen, Normandy Region in the French Republic to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, in the person of Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel….”

The Freedom Prize award which was presented to Dr. Itauma by the President of Normandy, France, His Excellency, Mr.  Hervé Morin who assured Itauma of the France support for his fight for freedom. He stated that his office would consider options that will facilitate greater ties and leverage to support vulnerable people in Nigeria.

The presentation of the Freedom Prize came as a result of the landslide victory recorded by the  charity organization in an online contest organized among 370 countries where only three were selected to Contest for the prize. The Three countries which contested for the final laureate were Malawi,  represented by Mrs Theresa Kachindamoto,  Lebanon represented by Muhammad Al Jounde and Nigeria where her charity organization, CRARN was adjudged as the winner of the 2022 world freedom prize.

According to the president of Normandy of the French Republic, the activities and performance of the Nigerian charity organization is seen in the international fora, especially in the rescuing of  discriminated, stigmatized and abandoned children of Nigeria, which prompted a high school student of Rouen, the Normandy Region France, Ms. Lena Baro to  nominate CRARN for this year’s Freedom Prize.

Sam Itauma who received the award on behalf of his organization and the good people of Nigeria, appreciated the organizers of the world Freedom Prize and the president of France for the  liberal contest which saw CRARN as the winner.

Dr Itauma, a freedom fighter, a defender of the oppressed, and a crusader against witchcraft beliefs and superstition in Africa recounted various horrible ordeals he encountered in the course of fighting  for  freedom and appreciated the Nigeria Police Force for always standing by the organization where and whenever the need arose and at the same time appealed to the State Security Services (SSS) aka Department of State Security (DSS) to eschew intimidation and harassment of children-supporting organizations but return to the supportive role which the security outfit was previously known for as the cause of children rescue and support cannot be accomplished in an atmosphere of rancor, harassment and intimidation.

“I’m glad to report that the Nigeria Police is the most child-friendly security outfit in the world.  We see them as amiable partners because of the tremendous amount of support we receive from them despite their chequered and battered image in some quarters. In contrast, the Department of State Security (DSS) which was  hitherto a friendly institution to our work has now morphed its position into an antagonistic and repressive gamut.  Reports from all the children-supporting organizations in Eket are laced with harassment, intimidation, and bottlenecks from the once revered security outfit in Africa. I appeal to the DSS to take us back to the days when we see them as a beacon of hope and friends of the oppressed. We look forward to working with them in an atmosphere devoid of rancor, suspicion, and intimidation.”

Itauma laid bay succinctly how and why he founded CRARN thus: “I founded   the Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) consequent upon the massive abandonment of children after stigmatizing, torturing and abusing them in the name of witchcraft. It was actually an accidental phenomenon after I witnessed three children who were being dragged to the bush, beaten and tortured with sticks and almost killed by the adult who were about a dozen in number. I intercepted the Killings when I witnessed their torture and their torturer claimed they were bringing down the progress of a nearby market, which was close to me. This happened while I was preparing to return to the university in the year 2003…” Dr. Itauma recounted.

The CRARN President assured the International Institute for Human Right and Peace as well as the mammoth crowd that played host to him that continuous enlightenment campaign was a sine qua non for to ending of witchcraft superstition and abuse and his organization shall continue to carry out enlightenment campaigns in various quarters of Nigeria and other parts of Africa to eliminate the unfounded belief in witchcraft and to accelerate the peaceful fight for human freedom. Itauma thanked all those who came in from different countries of the world to grace the occasion while encouraging all to rekindle their fight for freedom.

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