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Creating Wealth through the Social Media – YorochiTv project Pattern

Creating Wealth through the Social Media – YorochiTv project Pattern

By Sifon Mbakara

Social media are inventions of the 21st century and have been proven to be the option for financial freedom for many of its users. Social media influencing comes in different dimensions including; Content writing, Copywriting, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter influencing among others. It is noted that although some people use it negatively, others use it for a positive and legitimate endeavour such as securing jobs, market goods/products, improve their skills, etc.  Social media are seen to create lots of impact in the life of youths today both positive and negative, depending on usage, exposure and application.

The availability of the internet on the social space has prompted many social media outlets to spring out, such as 1: Triller, 2. Periscope, 3: Vimeo, 4. Valence, 5. Untappd, 6. Elpha, 7. Yubo, 8. Peanut, 9. Houseparty, 10. Caffeine, 11. Steemit, 12. Baidu Tieba, 13. 23snaps, 14. Likee, 15. 8tracks, 16. Academia, 17. Amikumu, 18. aNobii, 19. ASMALLWORLD, 20. Athlinks, 21. BAND, 22. beBee, 23. Blind, 24. Diaspora, 25. Fark, 26. MeWe, 27. Facebook, 28: Instagram, 29: Twitter, 30: Tumblr, 31: LinkedIn, 32: WhatsApp, 33: Snapchat, 34: Pinterest, 35: Reddit, 36: YouTube, 37: Mix, 38: Tagged, 39: Nextdoor, 40: DeviantArt, 41: Quora, 42: Meetup, 43: ReverbNation, 44: Flixster, 45: Goodreads, 46: Twitch, 47: CaringBridge, 48: Wattpad, 49: Viadeo, 50: Crunchyroll, 51: Skyrock, 52: VK, 53: MyHeritage and 54: LiveJournal. Others are 55: Classmates, 56: SoundCloud, 57: Bubbly, 58: Flickr, 59: We Heart It, 60: Influenster, 61: FilmAffinity, 62: Open Diary, 63: Yelp, 64: CollegeHumor, 65: Gaia Online, 66: MocoSpace, 67: CouchSurfing, 68: Funny or Die, 69: italki, 70: eToro, 71: XING, 72: MeetMe, 73: Ravelry, 74: Care2, 75: YY, 76: Vero, 77: Medium, 78: GIPHY, 79: Tribe, 80: Tencent QQ, 81: WeChat, 82: Qzone, 83: TikTok, 84: Sina Weibo, 85: Kuaishou, 86: Skype, 87: Viber, 88: LINE, 89: LINE PLAY, 90: The Dots, 91: Telegram, 92: Foursquare Swarm, 93: Douban, 94: Discord, 95: Badoo, 96: Myspace, 97: Mixi, 98: Ravelry, 99: Cellufun, 100: Xanga, 101: Imgur, 102: Ello and 103. WT Social.

A young graduate of Banking and Finance from Osun State University, who is currently in his late 20s, an online personality, a content creator, a business developer and a social media influencer, David Iyenyorochi Obi is the CEO of YorochiTv project and one of the beneficiaries of the online business who has carved a niche for himself in that direction.

David Obi, a former school teacher the owner of Wall Gecko Inc an Art business following his passion for Arts and entertainment, he launched the YorochiTv project on 22nd March 2020 during the lockdown to socialise with people, entertain and also connect people so far they are still young at heart.

David Obi says that the goal of building the creative hub is to achieve his dreams of building a big entertainment company where people are opportune to display their talents and as well entertain the public. The group was currently shortlisted for an award of excellence from the naijawavez awards: the best category award.

According to Mr. Obi, YorochiTv has contributed massively and successfully to the growth of one outstanding company HAPPIVIBE SERVICE; A calling service that reconciles broken relationships (family, friends, etc); Surprise calls; Appreciatory Calls and lots more. The company is headed by the CEO in the person of Chukuma Gemdeconq and another group called MEMES by ADRAS; a group that allows people to learn the art of creating Memes (Graphics comedy) for the purpose of entertaining people and creating humour to relieve people of stress.

YorochiTv has successfully been able to host entrepreneurs and social media influencers like Ovaiosa and Olumide Glowville and has conducted eight(8) physical events and hangouts in different states namely Ibadan, Enugu, Lagos twice, Beach hangout, Mr & Miss YorochiTv and very recently Uyo Invasion.

YorochiTv has a group of seasoned professionals in different areas such as the writing team, marketing team, etc. These teams work especially when the group has a big job to deliver. YorochiTv has been fully registered under the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) since September 2020. YorochiTv has its influence on all the social media handles but its main base lies on Facebook Which has a total of One hundred and thirty-five thousand, five hundred and thirty-five members (135,535) and has a recorded reach of a million-plus under the space of a year. Iyenyorochi David obi is open to ambassadorial opportunities and also available to host events of any kind.

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