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Do Or Die Politics Killing Democracy?

This multi trillion naira question at this moment attracts the attention of the matter of the moment because of the unfolding events in the political arena. Answers are required from all and sundry following its effect on the nation’s hard earned democracy. Do or die politicking is just like an ancient day slogan in those days football fiesta when coaches used to advise players thus: “if you miss the ball, do not miss the leg” almost meaning play the game with life and death.

Applying such motive in the politics of the modern democracy becomes a herculean task to overcome. Alas! Politics these days seems to be so as some of them stick to their positions at all cost; some others go to the extent of killing their opponents to get what they want. As a matter of the moment, now that politics heats up in the National Assembly though on recess amidst defections and redefections, war of words, blame game while unlawful acts in some parts of the country go on unabated, creating unfavourable climate in political arena, Shakespeare in his work Julius Caesar advised, “ beware the ides of march”.

Here, the honourable parliamentarians should be weary of what happened in the defunct western House of Assembly when politics like this went to the climax. At that time, Nigeria was still in search of an enduring democracy to be able to govern the country. Some popular slogans then were: ‘To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done’. ‘Biafra! Be vigilant’. ‘Go on with one Nigeria (Gowon)’. ‘On Aburi, we stand’. ‘Don’t sit on the fence, join the Civil Defense’. To avoid a repeat of what brought about bloodletting in middle (70s) the present day honourables should guards against issues that would or could kill the much expensive democracy which the aforementioned slogans explained better. Moreso, let them protect no matter, the democracy which now seem to be in shambles as a result of certain acts by some politicians who think that Nigeria project is theirs and theirs alone and so any other Nigerians have no place.

Think of a situation a politician covered by immunity wanting to kill own self, becoming sick immediately law holds sway Just to destabilize the smooth movement of democracy. Be reminded or let it be known that Nigeria project is not and never an individual or party project but that of all Nigerians. If by all or all and of all, why all these wrangling, killings trying to push to only one man alone because of what is not known by all.

In the 1960s, life was okay apart from petty goat, fowls and cassava thieves unlike what obtains now including daylight robbery in public places, unknown gunmanship, suicide bombing, kidnapping, treasury looting, Boko Haram, parliamentary invasion and hijacking of mace, political brouhaha and lots more criminal acts to kill democracy. How do you see this? All these are man-made problems which do or die politicians must look inward to restore peace and ensure corporate existence of the society.

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