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Dr. Great: Epitome of stride in Natural Herbs

In a dynamic community such as ours, man is faced with series of challenges that have the capacity to get man drown in the ocean of despair, despondency and dejection that can lead the mind of man to think in such a way that could lead to all manner of criminal desires yet, this same world has revealed men and women of integrity who through hard work and creative thinking make this world better for himself and others.

Man cannot be the alpha dog all the time, whatever could be man’s experience, which vary from one degree and the other should make one think on how to make things happen even at the desert hence, some of man’s situations take him down a notch while others build him up. No wonder when Albert Hubbard postulated that “the world is moving so fast that someone who says it cannot be done is generally overtaken by someone doing it,” people may have been at loss as to the practicability of his assertion the result of Dr. Great, a pragmatic, responsive, human development and people focused leader in Natural Healing Home.

Dr. Great is not just as ‘a usual people savant’, he is charting a course for the definition of human development. Unarguably, the general assessment of Dr. Great stewardship has been an impactful one to keen observers, it is not surprising. Long before God called him to served his people, he had positioned himself as an icon of hope, a courageous bell weather, a bureaucratic- revolutionary, selfless leader, a patriot, a strategist and a master planner. Dr. Great Natural healing home has touched human life so well that nothing for which to criticize him about. Dr. Great is yearning for traditional medicine practice was enormous.

This establishment offers high traditional medicine (also known as indigenous or folk medicine) services, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness. It is a tower of strength which is designed to provide a non-stop approach to healing and treatment of Epilepsy, Gonorrhea, Asthma, Fortune, Bleeding, Success, Power, Barrenness, Infertility, (in men and women) Exorcism, Water Spirit and madness. A diligent man is not only asset to himself or herself, but to his/her community. That is the true picture of Dr. Great.

Dr. Great has personifies the saying that some individual are born great, some had greatness thrust upon them by fate, while some also Work their way through headwork to be dressed up, but in recent time they have the men round by reacting positively, resourcefully energetic, focused and committed mentor, a good father, a champion of human development not as politician, but from a good heart ot helped orphans, friend of the needy, support to the men, women and youth, the amiable, dynamic, creative, kind and selfless individual as Dr. Great is indeed a blessing to humanity, for whatever purpose or reason having over years realized the need for mutual co-existence and the benefit they derived from doing the will of God through herbs, he has chosen the Lord’s path by accepting the physical well being of man as complimentary to the spiritual development of man.

Hence, on most of his performance cultural and natural plant in the development and practices of our way of life and values by a society which is characterized by languages, foods, greetings, songs, cherishing, herbs in promoting green plant and natural vegetation and bringing back our rich culture, heritage and improving the awareness amongst difference culture in African society. Dr Great healing home, not just as a group, but a place where everybody is somebody, to promote, foster and sustain unity and understanding among people in all Work of life, disabled, youths and the aged and much more, the natural healing home has also renders useful services in the overall development of mankind including the establishment of Dr. Great College of Herbal Environment and management Technology to collaborate with many partners who believe in the project of being a channel of blessing to the young generation through herbs.

Dr. Great has also established Skills Acquisition- training on ICT, sports development in collaboration with principals of secondary and primary schools within Ibiono and Itu LGA, development of rural infrastructure, repaired and constructed intra feeder roads in Afaha mouldingsvillage. He has also in human and economic development selected some youth and trained them on various trades such as driving, vulcanizing, carpentry, trading and blocks moldings. In view to discourage the lowly and needs of the young, youths and adult from crimes, Dr. Great has purchased laptop computers, tricycles and motor cycles to the deserving individuals to earned a living. For peace and unity in the community Dr. Great has liaised with Royal Fathers and Security agency in making sure that resident have conduct them self in a good manner.

He has also has outstanding quality of his professional practice earned him several certificate form: Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Health in collaboration with National Association of Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP) attended the Tenth Edition of African Tradition Medicine (ATM) in 2012, Akwa Ibom State Traditional Medicine Association of Nigeria, 2010, certificate of Authority practice herbalism without any encroachment and encumbrance from any angle by Afaha Obio Eno Village 2011. Conferring of chieftaincy title of Nnabo by Efut Ekondo Ancestral clan council, Calabar South, 2014.

In recognition of his outstanding performance in his field of calling and his tremendous contribution to the humanity, Dr. Great has bagged several wards and recognitions; Akwa Ibom Youth Leadership award of Excellence, Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Health in collaboration with Kendracs (West African) Ltd. for enhancing the development of Traditional Medicine practice, 2005. The dynamic versatile great man enrolled for Doctorate’s Degree in advance course of institution in herbs and u their uses and so many to mentioned. He achieved them through hardwork. In the light of the above, Dr. Great Epitome of stride in Natural Herbs.

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