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Educationist Warns Against Idol Worship

Educationist Warns Against Idol Worship

…Cautions godization of man

By our Reporter

An educationist in the State, Dr. George G. Akpan has cautioned Christians not to dine in both tables of God and Satan as such will tantamount to idol worship which derails man from gaining favour and blessing from God.

Dr.  Akpan who is the Proprietor of king George Technical College, Ikot Mbon Ikono, Uyo, stated this on Sunday during a tripartite thanksgiving ceremony he organized at St. Mary’s Catholic Church,  Ikot Mbon Ikono, Uyo Local Government Area to appreciate God for saving his wife’s life even when people had  speculated that she had passed on; successful completion of his son’s national youth service assignment in one of the porous states in the country and dedication of his grandchild.

The educationist observed that lack of trust and faith in God has been the major reason why weak Christians run to pagan shrines and assignment churches to seek refuge but return with million fold of their problems added to them, “I have a policy as a Christian and I have told my family members that if I am sick and unconscious, if prayers and medical treatment can not cure my sickness, know that God’s time to let me to rest has come, but if you make mistake and take me to a pagan or assignment church, I will die untimely”.

Dr. Akpan stressed that any man who worships idol as against the command of God would perpetually remain under a curse unless he realizes his sin and runs to God for forgiveness. He told the congregation that his faith in God could not allow him do funny things when his wife was sick beyond hope and life but consistently bent on God’s side for healing, “I have to be  honest to the church, I don’t know how to pray but the little I can murmur, nature stands still for me.”

Dr. Akpan, a School Proprietor, Retired Principal General, a legal luminary and don said that he organized the tripartite thanksgiving ceremony as a mark of faith upon God to identify his benevolence and to encourage other Christians not to perambulate and shift their trust in God especially, in times of challenges. He used the occasion to warn against over dependence in man as man could change his colour anytime, citing Shakespeare’s Caesar and Brutus as an example, which despite warning that Caesar should be aware of Brutus but he never took the warning seriously until he (Caesar) was killed by Brutus. The don stressed that godization of man makes man feel that without him nothing can work and that he can dismantle his community or state at will without any rebellion since he wants people including leaders to worship him as God always.

He pointed out that some people in the society behave like Adolf Hitler when he declared, “I, Adolf Hitler the God of Germany hereby declare that if Winston Churchill of England does not bow and worship the flag of Germany that there is going to be war as constant as the northern star by tomorrow within seven days”, stressing that people should not allow their past memories to hide their present and future learning.

In his exhortation, the catechist commended the family of Dr. George Akpan as a way of appreciating God’s goodness in their lives saying that what God needs in our lives is confession and thanksgiving for him to continue to do more.  The occasion featured songs, praises, testimonies and guests were later treated with sumptuous reception at Dr. Akpan’s compound along Usung Obo Road, Ikot Mbon Ikono. The event was well attended by friends and well wishers across the state.

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