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GCK: The Ancient City Of Yola Agog With Celebrations

GCK: The Ancient City Of Yola Agog With Celebrations

…AS The Unprecedented Rain of Miracles Excite The People

By Saviour Ekpe

GCK is the acronym for Global Crusade With Kumuyi, where the Word of God is preached with other accompanied Christian activities in a particular environment christened, Alpha Location linked up with other coordinated locations and is beamed live to the whole world through the use of satellite and other social media handles, started precisely in June, 2021 at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and subsequently, in Calabar, the People’s Paradise City and Enugu, Coal City State in July and August, 2021 respectively. For the past year, GCK has been growing in leaps and bounds on a monthly consistent basis.

The November, 2022 edition christened, “The Power That Never Fails” hosted in the Ancient City of Yola, the Adamawa State capital began on November 24 – 29, 2022 in obedient to the “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15) command.

The convener of the GCK, an international evangelist of over 50 years in ministry, Pastor (Dr.) W. F. Kumuyi preached every day of the crusade on timely inspired topics such as ‘The Wonder Working Power Of the Unfailing God’; ‘Supernatural Possibilities Of God’s Amazing Grace’; ‘Sustainable Freedom Through Faith In The Father’s Faithfulness’; ‘The Exalted Name With Inexhaustible Power Possibilities’; ‘The Mighty Word With Ever Manifold Wonders’ and the last day, ‘The Continual Mercies of Our Ever Compassionate Maker’.

Pastor Kumuyi while ministering on the topic, ‘The Exalted Name With Inexhaustible Power Possibilities’ took time to describe JESUS as the Justifier, Emancipator, Saviour, Upholder of the whole Universe and the Sufficiency God.

The primary aim of the gospel campaign of ensuring that the unsaved souls receive the grace of God to live a sin-free life through salvation and faith in Jesus has been achieved as thousands of people surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Imagine people, men and women who were criminals, wicked etc that surrender their lives to Jesus in one fell swoop and became righteous and holy people as a result of this program, it means relative peace in the community, which also translates to a change of life of the individual and freedom from fear of the unknown and the hope of eternal bliss with God.

This accentuates the remarks made during the GCK in Yola, Adamawa State by the Bishop of Yola Diocese of the Catholic Church, Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza who also doubles as CAN Chairman, Adamawa State when he said, “From the bottom of my heart, I want to say something about the Deeper Life that I have never said anywhere and I have not said it about any Christian denomination. The Deeper Life members live practical Christianity. If there is an example that other Christian denominations should copy from Deeper Life is the fact that they are practical Christians. They go by what they preach. Deeper Life will not tell you don’t do this, he or she will lead you by example. So I want to congratulate the founder, our Papa, all Pastors and members of Deeper Life, congratulations and I invite all Christian bodies to copy from their good example. Sir, I am very proud of Deeper Life”.

Aside from the salvation of souls, the present world we live in is replete is diverse sicknesses, diseases and attacks that emanate from Satan himself and the activities of humans endeavors including science, technology, innovations and so many discoveries of man on the intergalactic world and these require the supernatural hands of God to get the man out of this quagmire and make him what God intended.

Indeed, great hands of the Almighty God were on the move at Yola, Adamawa State and all over the globe as great miracles took place. Pile otherwise called, hemorrhoid is one of those diseases that are generally very painful until effective treatment either through medication; surgical operation either by lanced or drained, etc. are administered on the patient but during the Yola GCK November edition, a pile patient who over 26 years of excruciating pile pains were healed instantaneously. Should I mention the middle-aged man who was crippled and got divine healing and during testimony time he was seen running, jumping and leaping at the stage; or a 20-year-old blindness that received sight or a woman with 39 years of skin disease that received miraculous healing. Even while listening to the GCK on radio at home, a man who was using pampas exercised faith in God and received instantaneous healing.

GCK does not only bring sinners to Christ nor heal people of their diseases but brings about the unification of loved ones once deserted back to the family. Two major instances where a parent whose child was missing for days, during the Adamawa CCK, brought the picture the missing child to the crusade ground, lifted it up during a prayer session and the next day, the child came back home alive. Similarly, a woman who was insane, walking and eating from the gutter got healed and people were trooping into her house to visit the mighty miracle of God in her life.

GCK aside from the ministerial, professional conference as well as IMPACT for the youths, also acted as a soul-lifting moment as an international gospel artiste, Bob Fitts thrilled the audience with solemn spiritual songs, alongside alpha location choir, the choir from the nations and the global choir whose inspirational songs came with messages.

Speaking on the impact of GCK locally and globally, the State Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Emmanuel Amaeze while addressing his pastors and leaders on more strategies to inject for a better result often said that the GCK comes as a blessing to humanity and thank God for the vision of the visioner, Pastor (Dr.) W. F. Kumuyi for executing the dream. Amaeze noted that the use of social media to preach the gospel to a global audience is an innovation sent from God Himself to His servant and that the church is not in a haste to end the GCK for any reason.

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