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Girls Of BitClout: Boosting Models Into The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Girls Of BitClout: Boosting Models Into The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Over the last decade or so, the internet has become more advanced, and social media platforms have evolved into spaces where people not only socialize but make a living. The modeling industry has also been changing as more models become independent influencers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. While models and influencers can make decent livings on such platforms, the control and profits remain in the hands of the companies, not the individuals who are creating the content—until now.

BitClout is an exciting new social media platform that’s the first of its kind. It’s a decentralized platform that runs entirely on blockchain technology, which has the power to disrupt the social media scene significantly and redirects all the control and earnings back into the hands of those who create and consume content—the ones who deserve it most.

Girls of BitClout immediately recognized the potential for models to maximize their earnings on such a platform and created their agency to help them do just that. Here, they share how dealing with cryptocurrency can benefit those in the modeling industry.

The Girls of BitClout Vision:

The creators of Girls of BitClout want to empower models to have a stake in their own cryptocurrency, where they can see the results of their efforts reflected in the growing market. They believe that if they can help usher models into the future of cryptocurrency and decentralisation today, it may be their path to financial independence in the near future.

Girls of BitClout stands apart from other content agencies because they’re the first and the only one that’s bringing models into the world of cryptocurrency. Through BitClout, models get their own cryptocurrency, which can also go up in value based on their efforts within the platform.

Teaching Models How to Deal With Cryptocurrency:

When a model joins BitClout through the Girls of BitClout agency, the founders invest some of their money into the model’s creator coin. The idea is that with their help, the model will increase the value of their coin in the long run.

Girls of BitClout exists to add value to models’ content and allow models to earn more income. They believe that if an agency and its process add any headache to a model’s busy life or their services aren’t adding to their bottom line; then something needs to change. They vow to put themselves in the shoes of the models they represent and create a path for them to earn crypto through their content.

Cryptocurrency Is the Future:

The founders of Girls of BitClout believe that cryptocurrency is the future and that models would benefit significantly from learning how to deal with it and getting a chance to earn their own. That’s why they take time to educate each model on how the platform works and how their token economics works. They make it their responsibility to ensure that their models understand how buying, selling, investing, and adding value works on BitClout.


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