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Gov. Buni: A Champion Of Education

Gov. Buni: A Champion Of Education

Governor Mai Mala Buni began his term in office with a declaration of ‘emergency’ in the education sector. This was aimed at improving the standard of education in the state, boosting school’s enrollment, as well as providing the educational infrastructure that will move Yobe state forward educationally. Rightly, emphasis was placed on giving the people of Yobe state a better educational foundation; by revamping primary and secondary school education across the state. Strategically, the state embarked on the construction of model schools in the major towns of the state; Buni Yadi, Damaturu, Gashua, Potiskum and Nguru. Each school has 30 classrooms and computer centres. These schools were aimed at decongesting classrooms and encouraging schools enrollment. In the end, these schools will also address the number of out-of-school children and ensure that no child is left out of school. Governor Buni’s emphasis on education is already making an impact with improvement in the overall performance of Yobe state in WAEC/NECO.

Over the past 30–years the decay of schools infrastructure and lack of qualified teachers have taken a toll on education — across Nigeria — and including Yobe state. The rapid increase in population means increasing demand for classes, teachers and schools, as well. Addressing all the setbacks in the education sector will take time and needs huge resources. But for Yobe state the good thing is that Gov. Mai Mala Buni has started and he had achieved a lot. The approach of Gov. Mai Mala Buni is unique, in the sense that he placed emphasis on phased rehabilitation of schools. Many schools are currently undergoing renovation. And with time complete overhaul of the schools will be completed. Importantly, Gov. Mai Mala Buni got the most effective strategy for education. First, it is the plan of Gov. Buni to ensure that no child is left out of education. This is done through massive expansion and building of the new model and mega schools across major towns of Yobe state where the population is higher. The new schools will provide more classrooms and more teachers in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Hundreds of Yobe state indigenes are in the higher institutions at home and abroad acquiring the best education in key areas of; healthcare, agriculture, engineering and other relevant fields.

If at all there is one sector Gov. Buni is passionate about, it is the education sector. It will take years to overhaul education. But for Yobe state the journey to restoring and expanding the education sector had started from the day Gov. Mai Mala Buni took an oath of office.

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