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Governorship Zoning: We Can Pass The Ball Without Ethnic Injury

Governorship Zoning: We Can Pass The Ball Without Ethnic Injury

By Emmanuel Isangidoho

The said MP Eseme Eyiboh’s political zoning formula as it concerns governorship’s office of Akwa Ibom state is a welcomed development. It is true that the cycle of zoning of gubernatorial office of Akwa Ibom State has been completed with HE UGE’s tenure which comes to a successful end by 2023, all the 3 senatorial districts having taken turn to produce governors of our state.

For the records, this regime of zoning commencing from 1999 produces 2 Ibibio sons and one Annang son as governors of our state, and thereby recognising only the two legs of the tripodal pillars upon which the state was created. At a glance, Oro as the third leg without which the house would not have been built (I learnt Oro was “pampered” to remain with the then Mainland part of Cross River state for our state to merit its creation) is not given that due specific favourable zoning arrangement in the gubernatorial race of the state since 1999.

To this extent, l support MP Eyiboh’s proposal with a variation thus: 1- Zoning under senatorial district shall elapse by 2023, and should be abrogated in our minds, agitations and projections immediately. A new formula is due for consideration. 2- Rotation of gubernatorial office among the ethnic nationalities of the state should be the new formula and should be effectuated from 2023 as a united and “anti racism” formula of circulating political power or offices in the state.

3- Oro should be considered by all other ethnic nationalities (particularly Annang) to take the first slot of this divine and harmonious sharing template (God, the giver of power, has also created and located governorship materials in Oro as well as other ethnic groups).

4- There after the Ibibio (the majority) should take turn, to be followed by the next ethnic nationality in size and population (the Annang). After the Annang, the slot returns to the Ibibio and leaves there to their junior brother. 5- The above formula recognizes the status of the ethnic groups of the state according to their sizes, population and economic endowments as factors for existence and the overall development of the state.

Remarkably, the “big brother” ethnic nationality (Ibibio) is permanently the earthly and physically chief power broker and dramatically in the middle position of the power distribution game in the state. Thus, at its center or middle locus, it literally passes the baton or ball to the man on his left hand who collects same, keeps it for 4 seconds or more and passes it back to him who traps it neatly and mesmerizes with it in about the same period of time before passing it to the man on his right hand who receives it with joy having waited for it for a while but is also allowed to enjoy it for 4 seconds plus before passing it back to him to handle and continue with the distribution for goals or medals to be scored or won in peace and without ethnic injuries.

The big brother can cause this to happen in 2023 by allowing his junior brother (Oro) to take turn to handle the baton, for their father’s house to experience love, unity, harmony, cooperation, peaceful coexistence and even development. I hope we can try this template with the few years left for our Lord Jesus Christ to come to harvest His chosen ones.

Before then, let both the majority, minority and minority of the minorities breath the God-given breathe in AKS together! I wish this message can change the hearts of stone. Never mind, it is just my candid intellection on the matter. May God bless all of us in Akwa Ibom State, as we think and act equity. Thanks.

Sincerely Yours, Emman Isangidoho, Esq. (Oyo Akwa Ibom, Nigeria)

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