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 Spurred by controversial confrontation over swearing in, the Ukanafun secretary was shot dead in his home by an unknown assailant. The slaying has sent shock waves in the local community, the state and around the country.

Not too good a news for a people that are reeling from the effects of shock

Wave of political violence that swept through the state during Emmanuel’s predecessor’s era.

There are no clues as to who did the killing. But we are told “the secretary was locked in a fierce battle over his being sworn in as secretary of ULG by array of opposition forces.

The murder occurred shortly after he was sworn in. That puts a name, time, face, circumstances and motive over his murder.

The attack appears to be an act of terrorism and a test of Buhari APC government’s toughness on crime and terrorism- his campaign pledge.

There is a direction in which Buhari’s police investigators can aim their investigation and identify potential persons of interests from his adversaries who may have felt a humiliating defeat over his swearing in and elect his death as their only option.


The flagrant “defiance by the Ukanafun Local Government’s chairman to swear in the secretary after he was ordered to do by the Governor of the state,” if true, must also be responded to forcefully.

The murder of the ULG secretary appears to be a test of Udom Emmanuel’s government and resolve.  The State has dealt with this madness –political terrorism, murders, kidnappings, mayhem, arson in the past political order. Not anymore, you would say.

However, the murder like it or not, is a stark reminder that the violent political era is not over. This poses a formidable challenge to Udom Emmanuel’s government.

The gruesome murder may be harbinger of what 2019 election will look like. Therefore, the state must respond to the murder swiftly and painfully to deter those who do not wish us peace and stability.

The gruesome murder also shows increasing polarization of our communities and the state and the danger posed by selfish political barbarians and their agents of darkness’ readiness to murder their way to public office.

It appears we are revisiting the old order of partisan infighting, murder to intimidate, inflict pain and grief in the community and instil fear in those who might want to venture into politics or consider public office.

It’s no surprise that we do not see any reaction from the community or outrage in the streets or even in this forum in response to this gruesome murder of one of our brothers. That’s Ibom people. We succumb to fear and intimidation.

But the cold blooded murder poses epic challenge to the state commissioner of police and Inspector General of Police who should order full investigation of the crime and ensure that the culprits are arrested and brought to justice.

The state government must weigh in to send a strong message to the messengers of death that the era of blood politics in the state is over. It must put pressure on the state commissioner of police and ensure that the criminals are arrested and brought to justice.

This post is to pay tribute to the slain Ukanafun Secretary. To share the grief we all feel and to find strength to bear his loss.

Our heart goes out to the family of the secretary for the loss of their loved one. They should settle for nothing less than ensuring that those involved are arrested and brought to justice.

Dr. Oduok.

Atlanta, Georgia.


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