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Human Rights Lawyers Accuse Dr. Abel Damina of Deceit and Extorted

Human Rights Lawyers Accuse Dr. Abel Damina of Deceit and Extorted

… Advises Him to Do Restitution or Face the Wrath of the Law

The recent confession by the Senior Pastor of Akwa Ibom state-based Power City International, Dr Abel  Damina that is currently trending on social media has received reactions from the human rights Lawyers in Uyo which have ordered Dr Damina to publicly return the money unlawfully extorted from Akwa Ibom people to the victims and sell all the property he has acquired from proceeds of his deceit to charity or face legal action.

Dr Damina during one of his sermons in Uyo recently confessed that for many years, he had preached false doctrine in Akwa Ibom state and other parts of the country in order to enrich himself but after getting the wealth and all houses it became unfulfilled.

The pastor went down to memory lane recalling how he used deceit to make money from innocent worshipers and God-seekers in Akwa Ibom state using prosperity messages to drain them all.

Dr Damina while Speaking to his congregation said: “In this town, I was the Baba of prosperity gospel to the point I was lost in it, I was so carried away in the preaching that I could collect money from the Satan.”

According to him, he had all the money, built houses but found no joy because it was money made from deceit which he knew but intentionally would quote Bible portions he knew had nothing to do with giving just to corner, deceive and swindle the public.

In a swift reaction, the convener of Ambassador for Human Rights Liberation Foundation, John Elijah, Esq. said the confession alone made by Pastor Abel  Damina cannot cure the wounds he has caused members of the public especially when he is still enjoying the proceeds of his deceit, he should rather refund all the money he made from his deceit to his identifiable victims and to the unidentifiable victims he should sell the property bought from deceit monies to charity or government revenues or face the wrath of Law. According to Barr. John Elijah, “the alleged act of Pastor Abel Damina is contrary to our criminal law and is liable upon conviction to imprisonment”.

Also speaking, the Secretary, BOT of the group, Barr. Nsinyene Charles frowned at the attitude of some Pastors and religious leaders who are determined to rob and drain their followers rather than preaching Christ, the message of salvation and protect the interest of their members and the general public. He vowed to correct this anomaly in court.

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