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“I Came in Contact with Jesus through the Prints” – Apostle Jerome By Christian George

The general overseer of Christ believers (Evangelical) Mission Apostle Patrick Jerome last weekend, made an open confession while presenting a homily at Information Drive to the members of the Association of Professional Printers Akwa Ibom State Chapter (APP) that he came in contact with Jesus through the prints.

Apostle Jerome who has been a printer for years before surrendering totally to the missionary work expressed that printing is a noble business and any printer who would not make heaven has lost it all became he is opportune to read every item that has been printed to ensure that there are no errors which could tarnish the image of this firm.

Taking his Bible reading from Philippians 4:8, said that gone are the days when printers used to be engaged in all sorts of illegal jobs but believed that with the formation of the association, new ideas would be shared among members with the view to improving the printing business in Akwa Ibom.

Apostle Jerome who was converted in May 1972 through the powerful teaching of Apostle (Dr.) G. J. Goli got baptized in water in 1973. Between 1972-1982 he had begun to be serving in the Christian Fellowship and was appointed the first bible teacher in the Christian Fellowship Evangelical Nigeria where he organized several crusades and camp meetings in Akwa Ibom State which gave room for the planting of some churches.

He became the first executive President of the Christian Fellowship Evangelical Nigeria. When the work had became too much combine his missionary work with printing business he had to abandon all and face the gospel job which he is doing till date In year 1977, he had a vision to begin a local church to meet the needs of Christians who were rejected in their Churches because of their new found life in Christ, after a couple of years of sincere prayers he came up with Christ Believers (Evangelical) Mission. Before now, he had held the posts of presiding elder in 1980 at Christ Believers (Evangelical) Mission, got ordained as a reverend minister shortly, then the appointment into the office as an Apostle in 1985.

Abandoning his printing business which aided in the propagation of information took a better dimension as he is a radio pastor since 1985 till date, anchoring the Bread of life. He has been on pilgrimage to Israel through and was able to climb Mount Sinai. Apostle Jerome, a Ph.D holder in Theology from Cornerstone University and Seminary, USA/Israel, born in 1944. In his propagation of the gospel to the professional printers who had filled the auditorium to its capacity charged them to give their lives to Christ as it would be so painful to see a printer who had in possession gospel tracks and had them dispersed to different readers and they repented and made heaven while the printers ended up is hell. He encouraged them to do away with things which not pleasing to God so that they would have their place in eternity.

Apostle Jerome reiterated that printing is so significant to the growth of the society, expressing that it would have been very difficult to handwrite the bible to reproduce as many copies in the market today, adding that it is the profession that cuts across every facet of life ranging from engineering to medical etc which they will need printers for their jobs to be done, encouraging them not only to be proud of it but that they should improve on their level of professionalism and do it with utmost integrity with the view to returning glory to God.

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