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I Possess Mansions After Giving Two Bags Of Cement To Church As A Poor Youth Corps Member – Abasifreke

I Possess Mansions After Giving Two Bags Of Cement To Church As A Poor Youth Corps Member – Abasifreke

By Saviour Ekpe

Mr. Emmanuel Abasifreke, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, a man endowed with extraordinary grace and supernatural faith in God narrated the secret of his wealth to have come from two bags of cement he donated to a church during his service year as a youth corps member.

Narrating his testimonial confession to a mammoth crowd of participants at the launching of a book, “Kumuyi: Defender of the Faith” in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, Mr. Abasifreke said that as a poor youth corps member in his service state, he went for worship in a local church only to see the church building in a dilapidated state and according to the local pastor, two bags of cement could solve the problem. When he heard that, he went and emptied his account, bought the two bags of cement, climbed Okada to church and donated the two bags of Cement to the local church and how he managed to travel back to his home state was rather miraculous as he often prayed to God to use the two bags of Cement in his favour.

In a dream, he saw Pastor Kumuyi presenting an appointment letter to him, “The man of God (Pastor W. F. Kumuyi) appeared to me in a dream and gave me a letter of appointment and the colour of the letter was sky blue that is why I always tell people that my job was divinely given to me”.

As proof that God answers prayers, upon his return to his place of primary assignment (PPA), a message came that he should report at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with his relevant documents for an interview, according to him, he did not really like banking job so; he went back and prayed for a better job opportunity. In a few days’ time, another message came that his colleagues have already left for Kaduna for an interview for another job, he prayed and told God that he prefers this particular job and that God should remember the two bags of Cement and grant him favour, he latter collected the letter of recommendation and headed for the screening, he got successful, secured the job, which he is still working there till now.

According to Mr. Abasifreke, every time he has life challenges, he reminds God of the two bags of Cement including when he is sick, God heals him speedily; when he wanted to marry, he told God and God gave him his better half; if there appear to be any issue in his place of work, he simply reminded God that He gave him the Job as a result of the two bags of Cement and that God honours that sacrifice he made when he was in poverty. “Those two bags of Cement have become different cars that I am driving now; the two bags of Cement have given me different houses including mansions; train my children within and outside of this country and all that I have could be attributed to the two bags of Cement”.

Mr. Abasifreke in a chat with Century Newsfront, eulogized Pastor William Kumuyi, his exploits in ministry and noted that he is a man God sent and anointed for this generation. He further explained, “In every generation, there is always a prophet that God will anoint and prepares to carry out a certain task for the good of the people. I was using the two bags of Cement to encourage the brethren and other Christians to love the things of God and get committed to the works of God”.

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