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In search of 34 Akwa Ibom Heroes This September!

In search of 34 Akwa Ibom Heroes This September!

We are here again in September – that special month that reminds us of our attainment of a distinct political, geographic and socio-economic identity. It is a month we dedicate to the celebration of every good thing Akwa Ibom, on a broader and larger scale.

On September 23, 2021, our dear state, Akwa Ibom, the Land of Promise, will be 34 years. For all of this period that we have existed as a distinct geographic and political entity, our landscape and people have witnessed development wrought by the different leadership we have had. And it is an inescapable truth that our state has been blessed abundantly by God Almighty, through a lavish endowment with numerous natural resources, great-minded intellectuals and people who have achieved tremendous feats in their different callings.

We must admit that our most treasured asset is our human resources – our people, men and women, young and old, who are famed for being honest, enterprising, resilient, good-natured, easy-going, and very accommodating.

In September last year, we started a unification campaign tagged ‘Akwa Ibom celebrates’ where we celebrated some of our most outstanding men and women in all fields of life, through an open and transparent nomination process, where thousands of Akwa Ibom people in Nigeria and other parts of the world participated.

This is another September and we think that celebrating Akwa Ibom people, who are living out the Dakkada creed by doing exceedingly well in their various endeavors, across the world, is not only fitting but very apt for this season. These people who have heeded Governor Udom Emmanuel’s call to rise to the faith of greatness deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

This time around, the Ministry of Information & Strategy is searching for 34 heroes to celebrate, as our dear State celebrates its 34th anniversary!

Today, September 6, 2021, we will open our portal, where people will be free to nominate that Akwa Ibom man or woman, whom they consider as their community hero. Nominators must ensure that their nominees have an inspiring story that symbolises the spirit of enterprise, resilience, community development and other virtues associated with the Akwa Ibom persona.

Nominations will close on the 13th of September, 2021, while the announcement of the selected heroes will be done on September 22, 2021. Let’s do this together. 34 heroes! Our people, our asset!

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