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By Joshua Tom

Indecent dressing simply means deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public. This practice is contrary to the acceptable norms and values of the society. Moral decadence on the other hand is a reduction in the level of morality in the society. Most children had gone haywire all in the name of dressing. Indecent dressing is the major cause of the various assault and sexual harassment recorded in the society, over time. As a result of civilization, Nigerian ladies dress half naked to occasions all in the name of fashion and this is Contrary to the prestige placed on African women. For instance Nigerian ladies derive pleasure in wearing cloth such as mini skirt, bumper short, armless etc. The other day I screamed when I saw a girl whose parent barely fed well, dressed with half of her breast and buttocks outside. The trouser she wore is such that half of her buttocks were out, with beads and terrible make ups and I heard her mum telling her to have a nice day. Some girls have been embarrassed and even abused because of their outrageous outfit. As a teenager you must be cautious of the kind of clothes you put on. Do you know your dress create impression about you either positively or negatively in the heart of people? Your dress could show if you are responsible or irresponsible, serious minded or unserious. Dressing in a manner that parents, society, religion frown at is not civilization. The way you dress shows whether you are respected or not, most youths now walk on the street half naked, with tattered clothes all in the name of fashion. Many innocent guys have been arrested along with armed robbers just because of the way they dressed. I see no reason why a child from good home should relax or keep dreadlocks, piercing his ears all in the name of fashion. There’s a saying that “you are addressed because of the way you dressed”. Nowadays, different styles of dressing are in vogue low west, hit bosom, sagging etc. All these have the society’s moral value to its lowest ebb. In a nation that is endowed varieties of culture and traditions going into extinction. Nigerians find it difficult to dress in their local attire as it is regarded as “old and archaic”. Indecent dressing is a habit embraced by all ages in the society. It has been inculcated by both the young and the old, it’s common among celebrities, particularly among artistes. This set of people while in stage will want to look unique and in the process turned themselves into lunatic. They wear tattered jean with holes tight fitting shirt, some even go to the extent of wearing ordinary pant while on stage and all this is the effect of juvenile delinquency. Most of the under age children engage in early sex as a result of what they watch on television as well as what they saw among their older siblings. Sadly, most ladies have been sexually abused because of their mode of dressing; the question is who do we blame for this social malady – the parents, the society, or the peer groups? Comparing the older days dressing to nowadays, the different is clear. Olden days’ youths were so cultured, well trained with moral upbringing. In comparison with today, you will weep for this country, for instance ladies in the past put on Iro, Buba and Gele while the boys used to wear Agbada, Yeri and Fila but today foreign culture has become the order of the day. Youths instead of embracing their native dresses as their heritage, prefer wearing foreign dressed that cannot cover their bodies. Most parents and guardians fail to teach their children appropriately and some children no longer wear native dresses but choose to wear foreign dresses like miniskirts, armless gown, crazy jeans and others thereby looking like insane person. If someone dresses properly and decently, such will attract respect and such dignity will be protected, but when one dresses indecently, he or she will certainly attract harassments and even rape. Both males and females no longer dress properly, most ladies in the society today dress half naked, exposing their bodies to men to attract patronage. It is an aberration that some boys fix their nails, and sagging their trouser making them look like hardened criminals in the society. One of the major root causes of indecent dressing among our youth is peer influence, most particularly those in the tertiary institutions. Some join bad association and immediately their mode of dressing changed. Reasonable parents do not welcome abnormal dressing but some parents and guardians encourage their children to dress indecently by buying them these dresses that exposed their bodies. Some parents also dress in a shabby manner, this their children copy. This is also common among artistes in Nigeria; many of our youth see them as role model, so they copy their lifestyles and mode of dressing. In order to minimize indecent dressing in our society, parents should be alive to their responsibilities. They should in all time control the quality of films, books, website, that their children watch and visit. Religious leaders should also put much effort and fight the immorality in the society. They should preach on morality and advantages of dressing good in the society. Religious institutions must improve and promote the culture of decent dressing among the youth. Government should tackle the issue of indecent dressing with iron hand. Government should inculcate on our youth reasons why they should dress well in the society. Mass media must promote importance of decency and bad effect of indecency among youth. There should be a body of power with legal authority to check the dressing pattern of students, workers, teenagers, youths and the old ones; this will check the menace in the country. Our society or villages too should introduce dress code to curb indecent dressing.

Joshua Tom is ND 2 Student from Peace Institute of Technology (Peace Poly), Abak local government area, Akwa Ibom State

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