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Innoson Keke Ready For Market September, 2022 – Innoson Group

Innoson Keke Ready For Market September, 2022 – Innoson Group

By Our Correspondent

Innoson group has introduced a new brand into its fleet of vehicles for the low income and the poor with the birth of tricycle popularly called, Keke.

According to a release signed by Cornel Osigwe, Head Corporate Communications, IVM Innoson Group and made available to Century Newsfront indicates that the product is under its mass production level and with be made public at the last quarter of the year while receiving feedback from users of the few test run products that already in the market to improve upon it, “What Innoson Vehicles produced were just a few samples for test marketing, this is to enable the end-users to give us feedback on some innovations added to it. We’re now collecting this useful feedbacks and the next set of first batches of the final products will come out between August/September”.

The release also confirmed that the few products in the market were produced by Innoson and has for now discontinued with the sale. He added that the unit price is not N300,000 as earlier alleged, “In essence, the factory does not have units to sell to the market now and the cost is not N300,000 (300k)”.

From the social media space, many Nigerians appreciated the ingenuity of Innoson Group and urged him to continue while advising the company as follow: “the cover by both sides to protect passengers from rain . Beautiful innovation”.

“Please make the Keke run on electric engines or maybe a hybrid”. “Kindly convert this Keke to a four-tyre mini shuttle. It may come slightly more expensive but it’s safer and more tolerable”!

“This is a good innovation, better days ahead. Just make it rugged to suit Nigerian roads”.

“You have done and keep doing too much. Imported keke is over 1million, now to see this at his price is mind blowing. You’re too much. My first car would be IVM. You’re the only true Entrepreneur we have in Nigeria”.

“Dear innoson vehicles, the ideas for keke is good but the keke bus would have been better than, to make it special and a brand new with fair price for country because the ones I’m seeing here are always tokunbo and are not compatible with our roads. It’s better will have it brand here than spending our money on fairy use that will not last. WE are proud of you. Keep it up”.

“I am sincerely happy the way your company is putting on country in a good light despite our battered image but please next time use a professional photographer not a picture with Infinix water mark it doesn’t speak well of a company of ur magnitude”.

“On behalf of persons living with disability in Nigeria, I want to pled with your team to invent a mobility aid for us. Maybe an electric wheelchair or a vehicle a physically challenged person can operate. God bless us all”.

“I am greatly amazed with this latest development, at least it will be better than the imported once we collect at the rate of 1.7million on hire purchase in Lagos, please be fast to sale because I can’t just wait to buy my own”.

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