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Keke is my office, Man that decorates keke with TV, Fan etc speaks

Keke is my office, Man that decorates keke with TV, Fan etc speaks

By our Reporter

A middle age keke rider, Ikenna Samuel from Ozuolu community in Erghe local government area of Anambra resident in Akwa Ibom State said that he had to decorate his keke to meet his taste. The keke, which is decorated with assorted television set, cover the roof of the keke with strong velvet material to prevent sun scourge, with solid and enduring upholstery chairs similar to that of motor cars with expensive rug carpet on the floor of his keke and of course, said that plans are on the way to install fan.

Mr. Samuel, a father of two while chatting with Century Newsfront noted that his keke is his office therefore, things that give people pleasure in the office must be found in his office (keke) and that apart from him, his passengers must feel at home whenever they enter his keke, “I love good things and besides, keke is my office if you go to people’s offices, you will see television, air conditioners, refrigerators, fans etc I have to install some of those items in my office keke so that I can feel comfortably and my passengers feel at home”.

Ikenna Samuel who noted that he is satisfied and comfortable with what he is doing said that problem of unemployment that pushed him into doing keke business added that he uses the keke business to carter for his family members including his children in school, “I hustle with keke because of unemployment in the country.

However, when I have money I will surely go into the business of either oil or boutique business”. He acknowledged that though he is not regretting doing keke business in Akwa Ibom State, noted that it was meant to put food on the table for his family members and to ensure his children do not drop out of school, “I don’t regret the way I fancy my keke neither do I regret doing keke business, I am doing it temporarily when I get enough money, I will venture into business that will be enduring.

But I must say that there is money in keke business hence”. Keke were tricycles that were imported by Federal Government to ease poverty in Nigeria under the aegis of National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) in 2001.

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