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LG Delivers Year-round Comfort, With New Artcool Gallery

LG Delivers Year-round Comfort, With New Artcool Gallery

LG Electronics (LG) has said it is ready to unveil its latest ARTCOOL Gallery air conditioner at CES 2023.

The company boasted a 27-inch LCD screen and LG’s upgradable options, the new model can display personalized content to match any season or to instantly refresh the room using LG ThinQ app.

President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company said, ‘‘Lyu Jae-cheol. “Offering outstanding performance and artistic themes fit for all tastes and seasons, our latest ARTCOOL Gallery air conditioner delivers year-around comfort and elegance. With the unique combination of personalized content and cutting-edge technologies, LG’s innovative, new air solution is designed to help provide consumers with a better life at home.”

In a statement the company said, ‘‘It also delivers energy-efficient cooling and heating with LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor™ and 3-way indirect airflow, provides a more hygienic performance with AI Dry™, and offers a variety of user-friendly features including an intuitive mobile app. Presenting exclusive content on a bright LCD screen bordered by a simple, yet sophisticated frame, the ARTCOOL Gallery gives one the impression they are looking at a framed work of art rather than an advanced LG air conditioner.

‘‘Using ThinQ app, users can select from a growing range of gorgeous, static and animated images – or choose from favorite family photos – and display something new whenever they feel like a change. The new model can be easily managed using the included smart remote or via a mobile app that lets users choose settings and functions, and monitor the appliance’s status in real-time, from any location.’’


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