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LOOMING DISASTER: Uyo Village Road Users Cry Out for Help

LOOMING DISASTER: Uyo Village Road Users Cry Out for Help

By SifonMbakara

Uyo Village road users and residents are worried over the deplorable condition of the Uyo Village road that spans from Willington Bassey Way through Ikpa road to Itu/Calabar High Way.

The road, which was constructed by Godswill Akpabio-led administration, was a great intervention to ease residents and users of the road of the hitherto non-access way occasioned by bad spots and potholes.

The residents and road users who complained of being subjected to risk due to the recent breakage of the ravine into the road thereby preventing free-flowing movement maintained that the road had already shown signs of damage for a long time as they were only being managing due to heavy rainfalls and the erosion that has taken place underneath the drainage.

It has been observed that the ravine has already been in a bad shape even before the breakage of the Ntak Inyang Calabar-Itu-Highway which caused a major setback to the state’s economy as food items from neighbouring towns and villages found it difficult to convey their goods and food items due to the bad alternative routes and also the breakdown of many vehicles on the narrow route thereby causing unnecessary holdups hence the hike in prices of food items.

The Uyo Village road connection cuts across Ikpa road and the Willington Bassey Way which serves as safe and accessible routes for road users going to Uyo main town. A visit to the site by Century Newsfront indicates that the site is in a deplorable state and that, residents and road users are at high risk of the unimaginable.

Calling on the state government, the people of Uyo and the entire public thereby solicit with the state governor, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel to come to their rescue as good roads are one of the visible, most used and enjoyed infrastructure by the entire public.

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