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Man Is A Political “Animal” But…

One might be confused, worried or even be annoyed about the topic of this write up as he or she may hastily conclude that the matter of the moment is referring to a politician as an animal. Far it be so, afterall, there is a Political Asylum, Political Correctness, Political Economy and Political Geography including Political Science and Political Scientist.

Considering the fact that politics is the activities involved in getting and using power in public life and being able to influence decisions that affect a country (Oxford Advanced Dictionary); the sentence that man is a political animal cannot be said to be in order unless referring to such animals like dogs, donkeys and the likes in the running of a Government. But where this seems to make a sense is when considering a situation which recently took place in South Africa. This was nothing but a program and those involved in such an act could best be considered, seen and known as political animal. And now everybody wants to be a Politician.

Coming back home where harvests of political verdicts cut across the country, during the elections, at the tribunals and in courts, the difference between political animals and political man is clearly spelled out. Ballot box snatchers at voting centres could be seen as political animals. A politician could best be described as a political man going by the description of politics by the oxford advanced dictionary while those behaving like animals in the political scene could be seen as political animals. Such people or groups of people identify themselves even before the onslaught.

The end product of such preparation could be traced to the increased number of mad persons in the street, as noticed by various residents. Again, going by the reports on corruption which the government in power is tirelessly fighting against, and indepth of the situation shows that those involved are nothing but political animals. As a matter of the moment what then could be done to change the situation to give politics a better framework as was the case in the days of old? There was no political animal anywhere even in the dictionary during the political era of Late Dr. Azikwe, Chief Awolowo. M.T. Mbu, Eyo Uyo, Sam Mbakwe just name them not that these crop of politicians did not have money to breed political thugs. These groups of political animals brought to bear their political ideologies into their families and families being the nuclei of communities are now faced with much challenge which span into the larger community. Some younger ones in the politics show high sense to their seniors and even suppress them trying to Wisk them away like they do in the political field with opponents.

In the past years, Okotie Egbo endeared people to himself through his hair cut, so was Mbadious in his use of words like concord the concordians  and even Babangida, a retired army general  politically advised that who should tilt to the left, the right and back to the centre. There were no political killings like nowadays.

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