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Many Hidden Phases of COVID-19 to Watch!

Many Hidden Phases of COVID-19 to Watch!

By Mondays Akpan

In early 50s or mid-60s, there was a health pandemic simply identified as influenza and locally known and referred to as a-yan. It was strongly with harmattans, killing people alongside some domestic animals across the world. The effect was however not pronounced as the present COVID-19. Following this world, aside epidemic was when Russians by use of a rocket travelled to the moon named Apollo, which returned to the earth to the people’s eyes turning with pains especially when looking at the scene or light in the night. Though it did not kill at all, many people suffered a lot and referred to the effect as Apollo. These effects came and went but the only one that seems to remain permanently is influenza, which always mercilessly deal with domestic animals mainly fouls and goats whenever it strikes.

On the heels of these devastating effects on people always and often, an Akwa Ibom highlife maestro, Etubom Rex William in the 80s in his piece, “Ererimbot” proclaimed that the world meaning (Ererimbot AyafuOko). Not many people understood what he meant and so, but they enjoyed the rhythm and the lyrics of the music.

The present-day realities have come to remind the people what Etubom Rex William talked about. What’s that? COVID-19. This is a man-eater monster. A disease, which kills people anyhow and anywhere it operates. The full address of COVID-19 is Coronavirus 2019 said to have come from Wuhan, China in 2019 has a devastating effect more than every other disease that had even been, reason why many believe while some think that the world was coming to an end.


The Crux, in this case, is the hidden phases of this dreaded disease because of the multiplication of its phases like Gunmen, Boko haram, land explosion, fire disasters, IPOB, IMN, Kidnapping, cultism and many other signs or abrado cobra or brouhaha associated with the end of the world. According to an age-long saying that wonders shall never end; it beats someone imagination how virus with a vehicular brand, “Corona” travel such a distance all the way from China through the world known and seem to be trillion of miles causing mayhem, which sin accordance to the divine caution that people have to be watchful to be able to hear the trumpet when it sounds with the many wonderful distractions it, therefore, means that these are satanic way of causing many people especially the chosen men of God not to hear the trumpet when it shall sound for the Satan to claim a large portion of the people to himself. This is the main hidden phase of COVID-19 which the world has to be watchful and prayerful.

Finally, remember that the creator of the world had proclaimed that towards the end time there shall be famine, word and also wisdom shall end, wars, killings, anarchy, disobedience, confusion and all sorts of misbehavior which the world now had seen and COVID-19 has now brought about the closing of churches and schools. Therefore the world has to watch and prays earnestly.

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