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Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio Constitutes New Int’l EXCO

Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio Constitutes New Int’l EXCO

…As Akparawa James Edet Emerges The 11th Int’l President

By Enwoño-Abasi Ituen

Sunday, June 12, 2022, will remain a significant day in the history of the Ibibio people as it would be remembered, for life, as a day the foremost Socio-Cultural Organisation in Akwa Ibom State, the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, MMI, conducted Elections to elect leaders to constitute her 11th International Executive Council.
In his speech before the exercise began, the Chairman of the Electoral Committee, Elder Nse Ubeh, a past President of the Organisation, assured the electorates, the delegates and the candidates of a free, fair and credible process.
While presenting his Manifesto speech, the serving 10th International Vice President 1 and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information, Akparawa James N. Edet, NPOM, promised to eliminate every form of ethnicity, faction and divisive tendencies in the Organisation and to not only restore the lost glory of the Organisation; but, right whatever wrongs and ills which might be noticed currently in the System. Akparawa Edet vowed to hold on to the tenets and norms of the Organisation and to work towards leaving behind, at end of his tenure, an enviable Organisation which members would not only be proud to identify with; but, be proud to bequeath to their children.
At the end of the electoral process, Akparawa James Edet was authorised and confirmed by delegates of the Organisation to ascend to the office of the International President with 177 of the 181 votes cast.
Similarly, the current Chairman of ONNA Local Government Area, Akparawa (Elder) Ini-Abasi Ekanem, was confirmed to ascend from the office of the Vice President 2 to the office of Vice President 1, with 154 of the 181 votes cast.
Other officers elected to serve in the new (11th) International Executive Council of the Organisation are Akparawa (Ōbōng) Jimaimah Essien – Vice President 2, Akparawa Bassey Amos Bassey – Secretary General, Akparawa (Dr) Jackson Obot – Deputy Secretary General, Akparawa Emmanuel Akang – Treasurer, Akparawa Charles Bassey Ekah (a. k. a “Street Governor”) – Provost, Akparawa-nwan Agnes Okure – International Public Relations Officer (IPRO) and Akparawa-nwan Joyce Udōh – International Women Leader.
Officers elected, unopposed, to serve in the 11th International Executive Council of the Organisation include Akparawa Augustine Eyōh Udōh – Financial Secretary, Akparawa Clement Edem Effiōng – Welfare Officer, Akparawa (Barrister) Andem Andem – Legal Adviser as well as Akparawa Essien Essien – International Auditor.
The newly elected 11th International Executive Council of the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio led by Akparawa James N. Edet, NPOM, would be sworn into office or officially inaugurated on Sunday, July 24, 2022; when the 10th International Executive Council, led by Akparawa (Elder) Ōbōng Patrick Edwin Udōfia, would be handing over the reigns of leadership to the 11th International Executive Council of the Organisation.
Incidentally, some
Past Presidents and Founding Members of the Organisation participated in and witnessed the election and constitution of the 11th International Executive Council of the Organisation. They included Akparawa Akpan Micah Umō, Akparawa Ikpong Essienudom, Akparawa Amah T. Amah, Akparawa Itoro Umōh and Akparawa Udō Sam Umōtan; while the Past Presidents present were the PP3, Akparawa Okon Imerh, FNIPR, the PP4, Akparawa Udō Sam Umōtan, the PP7, Akparawa (Ōbōng) Akwa-Otuekong Sylvester Akpan, Ph. D, and the PP8, Akparawa (Elder) Nse Ubeh.

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