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Multi-talented Lady: An Epitome of Industry

Multi-talented Lady: An Epitome of Industry

By our Correspondent

Anny Edet Bassey, at age 20 (now 22), purchased land, built house to completion as a result of her penchant for industry, hardwork and commitment to duty. an indigene of Ikot Akpaetok in Ibesikpo Asutan local government area of Akwa Ibom State, second out of six in the family line up, a Senior Secondary School Certificate holder, single but not desperate young lady who has traversed the length and breadth of this country in search of greener pasture and true to the word, has acquired wealth to herself and others who look up on to her.

            Century Newsfront while beaming its searchlight, sighted the entrepreneurial spirit of this young lady, resilience, dogged in action, temerity and indeed, her courage and positive minded attitude, which had driven her into embarking in many trades and professions, which hitherto were dominated by male gender and these, have not only put food on her table but create roof upon her head and that of others.

            The invisible lens of Century Newsfront caught on her when she was digging a new system of building soak away and septic tank of almost 100 feet, initiated by her partners, it was like, ‘are you a man or woman?’ because her physique looks like that of a man until introductions were made.

            Ann as she is fondly called is a multi-talented young lady who refuses to accept the condition she was born to experience but faces it with determination, courage, diligence and hard work. Anny was born into a family who could not afford her education beyond senior secondary school, only struggled to eat a square meal a day, “my parents could not sponsor my education after my senior secondary school in 2016”.

            While her contemporaries are sitting in despondency, embarking in illicit means for survival, Ann engages herself in many endeavours such as aluminum business where she learnt the act of the job and today she is a specialist in different ways of bolding gold out of aluminum metals for home, offices as well as industrial purposes.

            She also embarks on interstate business engagement where she buys goods to sell in the northern part of the country and vice versa. Ann, as a talented footballer who featured prominently in the Ibom Queen Female Football Club for some time, “I have been a footballer right from my primary school. I played for Ibom Queen Football Club but I had to quit the club because of personal reasons.

            To the teaming young people she advised, “let young people identify their talents and get themselves engaged in profitable ventures. They should understand that hard work does not kill but promotes. I am happy today because, I did not get myself frustrated in despondency but get myself engaged profitably and today, I am a happy woman. I also want to call on the government at all levels to create a platform for talented youths that do not have parents that can help them. Many youths like me have ideas deposited in them, but where there is no way to explore it, those things will die”. She noted that she will like to further her education to read Business Administration in the University.

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