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NINAS Extraordinary Alert Series – Defining The Change We Seek: Personnel Or System

NINAS Extraordinary Alert Series – Defining The Change We Seek: Personnel Or System

Amidst the deafening noise about the 2023 General Elections and the rush to obtain PVC, NINAS invites us to examine the options before us and carefully consider the implications of the choices we make.

First, let us be reminded that there is a Fulani Conquest Agenda that already turned Nigeria into a Master-Servant Union via the Caliphate-Imposed Unitary Constitutional Order that confiscates the Sovereignty of the Constituent Components of Nigeria.

Let us be reminded that the current Murderous Invasion of Nigeria by Heavily Armed Fulani Militia from across the entire Sahel Region who are Masquerading as “Herdsmen”,  is in furtherance of that Conquest Agenda with the manifest complicity of the current Federal Government of Nigeria headed by Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, a Fulani man.

Let it be understood that the Bondage and Miseries of the Peoples of Nigeria, including the Killings associated with the Fulani Conquest Invasion, flow from the 1999 Constitution which comprehensively empowers the Fulani, (operating as “the Federal Government of Nigeria” under that Constitution), against the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria.

Let it be clearly understood that: (1) With the Countrywide Repudiation and Rejection of the Toxic 1999 Constitution, the NINAS Onslaught against the 1999 Constitution is aimed at Terminating the Master-Servant Union of Death that Nigeria has become for its Constituent Indigenous Nationalities (2) That the NINAS Campaign to Shut Down the 2023 Electoral Voyage is the NINAS Preferred Strategy for Shooting Down the 1999 Constitution (3) That the NINAS Campaign against PVC which predated Political Party Primaries for 2023 Elections, was an integral Part of the Campaign against a 2023 Election that will be Mandated by the 1999 Constitution to which the Winner in 2023 must Swear and by which the Winner must Govern.

As explained in Part-1 of these Extraordinary Alerts Series No.6, the Massive Mobilization by the Youth of Nigeria to get involved in the Political Process in order to effect CHANGE is a very positive development. However, the Change they seek MUST be defined and the Mechanism for Achieving that Change must equally be clearly thought out.

By its Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) Proclamation of December 16, 2020, NINAS Clearly Defined the Change it seeks, namely: a Fundamental Constitutional Reconstruction dictated by the Self-Determination Imperative for the Constituent Peoples of Nigeria.

By the same CFM of December 16, 2020, NINAS also articulated Clear Strategies, Mechanisms, and Modalities for Achieving that Change. It is against the backdrop of these specifics that NINAS will be inviting all others who seek Change, particularly the PVC Revolution Multitudes, for a Convergence and a Conversation that will Define the Exact Nature of the Problem we are confronted with,  the Type of Change Required to Address the Situation, as well as the Strategies and Mechanisms for attaining that Change.

In that Conversation, we shall Determine whether the Change we require is for PERSONNEL (ie Leadership) or for SYSTEM (Constitution). The answer we obtain shall be our guide for Determining WHETHER our salvation will come from an ELECTION in 2023 that will merely produce a new Leadership (Personnel Change) but reinforce the 1999 Constitution OR an immediate TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT to ease out the 1999 Constitution and Distill Fresh Constitutional Protocols (System Change).

Let us note that even as we are being railroaded to Elections in 2023 by forces opposed to the Change we desire, the Fulani Conquest Invasion against the rest of Nigeria is being intensified on a scale that could overtake the journey to 2023 Election, turning Nigeria to Fulani Country (Fulanization Plus RUGA).

Let us also note that a few months ago before the recent Party Primaries for 2023 Elections, Candidate Peter Obi had declared that the situation of Nigeria was like a Vehicle with a Knocked Engine and that Nigeria’s search should be for a Replacement of the Engine and not for a Better Driver. The Knocked Engine Peter Obi referred to is Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution (System) and the new Driver many now seek to hire via the Elections of 2023 is Candidate Peter Obi (Personnel).

NINAS asks aloud: Can we Define the Change we want Now so that we do not fall back into the Mistake of 2015 where the Change sought was not Defined or the Mistake of  2020 where the EndSARS Movement did not Properly Define the Change it sought?

Here are the links to: (1) Part-1 of 5: “Defining the Change we Seek Personnel or System?” https://youtu.be/99V-8_-fIig (2) Part-2 of 5: “NINAS Containment Strategy for Fulani Terror Invasion” https://youtu.be/xgOAeweb1Yc

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