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We are not involve in any court matter with the Government – CNPP

We are not involve in any court matter with the Government – CNPP

The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), Akwa Ibom State chapter has disowned the recent media publications in some state based local tabloids, particularly, the Global Concord of Monday 18th July 2016 which alleged that the above mentioned organization dragged the Akwa Ibom State Government to court over illegal constitution of Local Government transition Committees in the state.

Speaking through it State Publicity Secretary, Barr Mfon Peter who frown over the said publication, emphasized that organization which is serving as an umbrella to all political parties in the state has not drag the government nor the governor of Akwa Ibom State to court.

“We are not involve in any court matter with the Government of Akwa Ibom State. At no time have we gone to court against the Governor. The truth is that one Aniebiet Emmanuel who is the Chairman of a certain political party, the People Redemption Party had on his own dragged government to court”.

Barr Peter while addressing some Journalists in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital pointed out that is action was against the interest of CNPP in Akwa Ibom State, explaining that during the last Exco Meeting of the organization, they (state chairmen of political parties) unanimously agreed to have a dialogue with government and the relevant stakeholders to ensure that there is no form of conflict or whatsoever.

According to him, while they were still thinking of doing that, they discovered that one of them had dragged government to court.

He therefore described the suite as being very mischievous and malicious, asserting that at appropriate time, the organization will deal with the culprit as the action was contrary to what was they agreed at their meeting and as well, the interest of CNPP.

Hear him, “we have the internal mechanism to deal with those members of us who go against what we agreed. We will dealt with him at the appropriate time, but what is important for now is that CNPP has not involve in any court matter with the government. It is the handwork of Aniebiet, the Chairman of PRP and he is on his own”.

“On a personal note, I think that the young-man is carrying out the instructions of some opponent of government. I think, Mr. Aniebiet is like a women who is dancing on the street and her drummers are in the bush because after we had agreed unanimously to take action through dialogue with relevant government agencies and organizations as to find a way forward, we were all surprised to see that suddenly after a meeting in which Aniebiet was fully involved, on his own headed to court. It is very wrong and we are not in support of such act”.

On why the CNPP supported the re-constitution of local government Transition Committees, the Publicity Secretary of the organization stressed that considering the current economic situation in the country and Akwa Ibom State in particular, that to think of conducting the local government election in the 31 LGAs of the state was very wrongful, as the re-constitution of the transition committees to man the affairs of the 31 LGAs was the best in order to reduce the burden and expenditure of the state government.

“If you look at the current economic situation in the country, you will agreed with me that Nigeria is generally not healthy economically. Akwa Ibom State is no exception. You will agree with me that there was a time we used to receive about 22 Billion Naira as allocation from the Federal Government. But right now, as at the last time I checked at the allocation, I think we received about 5.3 Billion”.

“We (CNPP) looked at things and considering the economic situation in the state and discovered that government needed our support. What kind of support can we give to the government? It is very wrongful to think that government can conduct election at the 31 LGAs of the state because we are aware of the dwindling nature of economy in the Akwa Ibom State. And we said OK, in the interest of Akwa Ibom State which is paramount, instead of confronting, let us dialogue with the government to find out ways forward to ensure good governance.”

He noted that the organization took the decision in the interest of Akwa Ibom State which according to him is the paramount and as part of their contributions to the growth and development and as well to ensure good governance in the state.

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