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Not Just An Album But A Message – Evang. Ibong by our Reporter

A gospel artist Evangelist Chineyere Ibong reels out her songs from the oven red hot to the public recently.

As one approaches the Community Centre, University of Uyo, you cannot but feel the thrills of the occasion, the air was charged, ranging from family members, Christian community, friends and colleagues, including other gospel artists from different parts of the country gathered to witness the launching of the album, which has as its lead song titled, “Peace” coupled with eight other tracks song spiced in Ibibio, Igbo and English languages.

The first track is Yak Nnyin Idi – which in English means Let us come – The gospel singer, put forth a call to the youth, old, young and all to dance with her before the Lord – the track lifts up praises to the Lord, with different instrumentation that makes the music unique. Track two titled, “Born of the Spirit”, she emphasized on who a child of God is and their place in Christ, the song is soothing and assuring in a way that encourages the born again child of God to continue in faith. Track three is titled “Come away from them”. Evangelist Ibong sings this track with passion; you see her singing her heart out as the song flows from her belly out. It’s a song that electrifies the audience; it’s a call to righteousness, a call to separation, set apart, a call to holiness. “Destined to win” – happened to be the 4th track (Ft. Evercool). This song brings to life the uniqueness of every believer in Christ you are original and unique.

Others are   Track five – “Enyi Oma” (ft. Uchenna). A friend that sticks closer than a brother, Jesus is a role model of a good friend. Track six – “Nwachukwu” (ft. Chioma). Present Jesus as the son of God, introducing His different names and works. Track seven – “Peace” – the hit track, it seems the singer is so passionate of this track the coolness of the music and the presentation makes it desirable. She speaks of the peace that comes from God. Track eight – “Your Love” – is a love song rich with emotional outburst, from one deeply in love, she paints a perfect picture of a true and faithful lover, dependable, reliable, and ever present this lover is Jesus. Track nine – “Your name is Excellent” (ft. Chioma). Evangelist Chinyere ended up with praises, exaltation and adoration for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, it was really a moment of praises.

The album is full of praises and worship from the beginning to the end and much more the instrumentation was totally wonderful. It’s something to listen to, it lifts your soul and spirit high especially when you are down in spirit. Evangelist Ibong who kept the audience on their toes with life presentation of some of the tracks in the album said. This album is dedicated to God Almighty. To God be the glory. The gospel artist who is a graduate of Music, University of Uyo, having had a stint in Theatre Arts in the same University expressed her deep felt joy to all those who have stood by her to see her through.

Flanked by her husband, Emmanuel Ibong, the gospel artist reeled out long list of those she couldn’t thank enough for shaping her life. Among other features that characterized the album launch was presentations by Guest Artists such as Obi Rhymes, String Duet and W. A. Mozart, – Hallelujah by Ekemini Akpabio. Dr. Ekerete Jackson (a.k.a BO-EKOM) who also presented his latest track.

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