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NUJ Election, Divine Project and Pastor Saviour Ekpe

NUJ Election, Divine Project and Pastor Saviour Ekpe

Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) is an Umbrella Union that houses all professional but recognized journalists in Nigeria. By its Constitutional provision, NUJ is collaborates with the Nigerian Press Council (NPC) Seeks to preserve the freedom of the press, ensures the maintenance of rights and privileges of registered journalists in the lawful performance of their professional duties. It is therefore, a clarion call that no journalist should form an adversarial oppositional intention to the government and journalists should approach journalism as they would like to approach the seat of Almighty God.

To actualize these onerous tasks, NUJ organizes triennial elections at Chapel levels, State Councils and National to produce people of professional integrity and societal responsibility to pilot the affairs of the union.

In Akwa Ibom State, the State Council of the union will hold its triennial delegates election into the different offices of the NUJ State Working Committee (SWC) on August 2, 2019. As expected, many have come out but the gentle man that has captured our test after rigorous assessment is this well bred, easy going, tested and trusted pastor of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Saviour Ekpe, who is aspiring to become the state chairman of the union.

Pastor Saviour Ekpe is not a noise maker, not irresponsible in the society as he is married with children, not a crook, not a cheat and not a gangster. He is a well trained and hardworking journalist who wants to bring his wealth of exposure, experience and expertise into rebranding Akwa Ibom State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ). He anchors his campaign on God’s ability to deliver who, he wants and has christened his Campaign Organization, “Divine Project” guided by God.

His campaign is not based on propaganda but by divine direction which he has woven into the four-point-agenda of his programme which include innovation, welfare, infrastructure and human capital development and hopes to implement these with the fear of God if elected. He has pledged to honour outstanding members, defend and protect members, create NUJ think Tank, upgrade NUJ ICT Centre, institute chairman’s commendation award, lobby for actualization of the 22.5% weigh in allowance.

Pastor Saviour Ekpe has also promised to lobby for members sponsorship to Holy land, complete the two storey building complex initiated by the outgoing administration led by Elder Patrick Albert and Mr. Israel Umoh repetitively as well as landscaping of the NUJ premises. He also ensures training of members and effective government relations.

Pastor Saviour Ekpe, is a man with a resolute mind and strong character, imbued with a high sense of mission and purpose, visionary committed and focused. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (PGDJ). He is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Century Newsfront Newspaper; State Auditor, Nigeria Union of Journalist; Executive Director, Completecare Initiative; Lecturer, Peace Polytechnic; Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Oralmedia Communications And A Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP).

He is a Public Relations Consultant to many organizations both private and public; mentor Graduates Internship Scheme – Federal Ministry of Finance; former student activist and leader, teacher, reporter and editor, recipient, who’s who in Akwa Ibom, recipient of many awards and laurels.

Pastor Saviour Ekpe, JP ranks among leaders who exemplify the highest ideals and aspirations of their people. He is brilliant, humane and generous and so to those who knew him early in life, his successful leadership style is not a surprise. A man of great poise and amiable decorum. Fate has beckoned on him with great aplomb as the list of his achievements, honours and laurels even predating his post primary school days has remained endless till date.

Good leaders are those who have such qualities as intelligence, ambition, decisiveness, competence, popularity, honesty, fairness, objectively, truthfulness, responsibility and accountability. Here, Pastor Savior Ekpe wins the race because he fits into these traits.

Dear colleagues of pen profession, there is always a time to tell the truth. The time is now. Pastor Ekpe is the man. Support/Vote Saviour Ekpe, Vote peace in the union; Support/Vote Saviour Ekpe, Vote welfare; Support/Vote Saviour Ekpe, Vote rebranding.

Writer by Divine Project 2019, a Central Campaign Committee of Pastor Saviour Ekpe

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