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Orientation Workshop for Newly recruited journalists ends in Uyo

By Glory Eyo

Newly enlisted journalists with Century Newsfront Newspapers received triggering training in a workshop organized by management of the Corporation on the nitty gritty of the journalism profession.

The State Auditor of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Mr. Saviour Ekpe intimated the fresh journalists on the basis of news writing recently in Uyo. Right at the Newsfront Newspaper office Complex at number 85 Abak Road in Uyo, the media professional said he is looking forward to seeing professional journalists who will sustain the uniqueness of the journalism profession, “ I am doing this because I want you all to succeed in the field at all points in time”.

Going deeper into the deal, the State Auditor of NUJ brought to light the bedrock of good writing by elaborating on headline casting, lead writing and good story composition. He also stated the vitality of ethical reporting as a sure tool to excelling in the field. He further explained the essence of good vocabulary as it affects interpretation of their report. While still speaking at the event, the Editor-in-Chief of Century Newsfront Newspapers also pointed out the conscious state of mind a journalist needs to have, “in journalism, we also give conscience a chance to rule”. This, he said while reflecting on the criteria of news worthiness.

Still on the tips to writing a good news story, the Auditor expatiated on the creative mindset a journalist must have and a curious lifestyle a good journalist must also possess, “as a journalist, you must desire to know everything, including nothing”. On reacting to the admonition of the media expert, some of the participants including Itoro Ukpong raised questions on some areas of concern, which the Chief Editor took time to breakdown the questions and even added more to them all.

Upon interview, Mr. Andrew Obot, one of the top journalists in the state said the event was meant to impact on the journalists the secret to succeed in the field and also appreciated Mr. Saviour Ekpe and the all participants for their attendance at the event.

Mr. Ekpe having exhausted his content advised the already charged journalists to put in their best with a promising remark, “you can be popular and even be employed to drill others if you do your best”. The event featured seminar on headline casting, leading writing, good composition and so forth, those in attendance appreciated the host for such an opportunity given to them.

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