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Oron FC Warns Against ‘Anointing’, Imposition of Candidates in 2023

Oron FC Warns Against ‘Anointing’, Imposition of Candidates in 2023

…As Inyangeyen Rounds Off Consultations with Okobo, Urueffong Oruko

There is apparent consensus amongst delegates in Oron Federal Constituency to oppose and reject any attempt by those they simply described as “godfathers and political profiteers” to anoint of impose candidates upon them in the 2023 Senate election in Eket Senatorial District.

This, we can authoritatively report, was deduced from feelers and comments made by delegates from Okobo and Urueffong Oruko local government areas of Eket Senatorial District when the former Commissioner for Works Akparawa Ephraim Akparawa Inyangeyen, consulted the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leadership and delegates in the two local areas on his Senate ambition, yesterday.

The two local government areas complete the circle of consultation in Oron federal constituency by the former Chief of Staff to Governor Udom Emmanuel. Three others already visited include Mbo, Udung Uko and Oron local government areas.

Our reporter who followed up the events reported that delegates across the local government areas who volunteered comments to the press vowed that, against what used to be the case in previous years where political godfathers chose, anointed or imposed whomever they liked on them, 2023 will be a different ball game.

It was gathered that the people of Oron Federal Constituency have resolved to insist, henceforth, on capacity, competence and antecedents of whoever seeks to represent them at the National Assembly, against cheap excuses usually offered in the past simply on grounds of zoning.

Why they have taken this stand, our reporter was made to understand, was essentially because of the poor trend of senatorial representation that has brought nothing tangible to the people in terms of dividends of democracy which other senatorial districts in the State have been enjoying.

A delegate from Okobo who offered comments but pleaded that his name not be mentioned in print, was quoted to have said:

“After a carefully study and review of our stake in the National Assembly, except the memorable years of Senator Udo Udoma, we haven’t been proud of anything again. Godfathers, for their selfish interest, had capitalized on the excuse of zoning to plant their stooges who lacked the needed qualities to speak for us up there”.

Corroborating the above position, another delegate and a principal chapter Executive in Okobo, who also pleaded anonymity which, according to her, was so as not to raise any dust, stated that against all presences by those concerned, nor even the said godfathers were happy with the case of underperformance in Eket Senatorial District.

She said, “Sometimes we wonder if it is only Uyo and Ikot Ekpene that sent senators to the National Assembly. Those are the only senatorial districts in the State one can be proud of because of the quality noise they have been making and what has been tickling down in consequence. The summary is that In 2023, we must know whom we vote for and why. That is why the emergence of a name like Akparawa Inyangeyen in whose capacity we trust offers hope in 2023.”

Earlier, while addressing the delegates from Okobo and Urueffong Oruko at their different chapter offices, Akparawa Inyangeyen said his reason to join the race in 2023 was driven by personal conviction and ambition that God has blessed him with what it takes to change the narratives and he was coming out by himself without being sent by anybody, so that he will be accountable to the people and God.

“I have decided to come out by myself out of my personal conviction that, with a sense of humility, God has blessed me with what it takes to bring about a new trajectory of discourse in senatorial representation in Eket Senatorial District in 2023. Each election season that passes by, Eket Senatorial district is always soaked in complaints and nothing but complaints. The faults has been ours because of our past mistake or failure to ask and insist on what is right and shall serve the collective aspirations of the senatorial district.

“Now, the tides have changed. We must begin to ask whoever wants to represent us what he or she is going to do there; if such a person has the capacity and competence to bring results. Let it be sounded that the season when a cabal held secret meetings and anoint or adopt and chose who should represent us has passed. That anointing oil has finished. Whoever wants to go to the Senate in 2023 should come out and interface with the people and participate in a fair contest, rather than wait for anointing oil. That’s why I have come. Don’t adopt or anoint me. I come to seek your mandate. It is not my right but a privilege which you hold the power to grant. And I will never disappoint you”, Inyangeyen promised.

It was also gathered from others who spoke that, in addition to his personal conviction and tested capacity, Inyangeyen enjoys additional advantage on the fact that the three federal constituencies have all taken their fair turns, implying in opinion of many, that the rotation now can start from anywhere.

Present during the consultation at each of the venues were chapter chairmen of Okobo and his Urueffong Oruko counterpart, Mr. Eteka Ukpong and Mr. Okpo Edeke, respectively; party executives. Ward chairmen, women leaders, youths, etc.

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