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Politics of let’s eat, let others die stupefies Electorate and democracy

The rush by certain class of people into the political arena of recent is causing much concern to many people in the society especially the electorate and the system of government the society operates. Present realities make a mockery of the democratic system of governance because of the actions, utterances and inactions of most politicians, some of whom feel it should be they alone and without them there should be none thereby keeping the society always in fear and want of good things in life.

Contemporary issues like ritual killings to be able to succeed in an election as reported by the media make the system of politicking more offensive due to the fact that most of the peoples’ eyes are so widely opened than before when only few who understood when and how things were going could merely conclude by proclamation “Winner takes all”. Hmmm, that was when estimates and or budgets were often made in hundred and later in thousands and only in few years ago in millions at the national and local levels. By then life and economy were bearable as they are today.

Nowadays, estimates and or budgets are made in billions or trillions with attendant social ills like kidnapping, human trafficking and unknown gunmen making a field day. Upon all these, those who could have defended and protected the estimates and or budgets launder a greater part of the money overseas while setting themselves in groups and inviting each other within the group thus: “come and let us eat, let others die”.

For this reason, there are cries in the land as many are dying and some suffering because of hunger in the midst of only very few persons enjoy their lives despite the fact that those denied the comfort of this estimate and or budget have a share in the national cake. Imagine a society of over 170 million of people making a population of that society but only a group of some smart guys get themselves together because of their positions and share amongst them a total of N1.34 trillion talkless of fabulous amounts stacked in foreign countries and other in bankers best known to them with the belief that let them eat, let others die. Waou! No true democracy tolerates impunity and those mainly electorate sidelined do not take it lightly but with the change mantra, people are confused, dumbfounded waiting to see who wins. This dominates the minds of several Nigerians at large and Akwa Ibomites in particular, especially with the mind of going back to the polls after the 2015 exercise which the electoral tribunal and the court ordered for a re-run.

As a matter of the moment and in the light of the present situation whereby many people are fully aware of the minds of many politicians who beckon on their growing members to come and eat and let others die. Far be it that as per their dream and reported by the media that 15 ex-governors, 40 others eat N1.34 trillion in eight year. Supposing within the period other meaning electorates in the 36 states that make up the country die leaving behind the 55 eaters, would they be able to govern, be governed, fill the 36 states, pay tax, fight insurgency and be happy as when the whole population lived and shared together, the benefits or resources meant for every Nigerian.

The matter of the moment condemns in all ramifications the idea of a few eating while the others die. It does not augur well for healthy relationship nor a viable society. Live and let’s live is a better phenomenon than let’s eat, let others die. And never forget that terrorism which seems to have come to stay and is a 20th century phenomenon and is not good for the society. So in this 21st century, it is advisable to go for something better as a matter of concern.

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