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Post Global Pandemic Mayhem Expectancy to Watch!

Post Global Pandemic Mayhem Expectancy to Watch!

By Monday Akpan

In the beginning, at the inception of the world, the Creator, the Lord Almighty created every living thing in twos including Adam and Eve, cock and hen, he-goat and she-goat, lion and Leo among others as well as the birds in the air and fishes. Remember as well in the days of the Biblical Noah in what could be termed as the ancient world, God asked Noah to make a boat preparatory to save lives at the end of the world, which was forth approaching and again, asked him to collect or gather everything in twos and put inside the boat to avert the impending doom, which was to come by way of the flood.

Certainly, that came to be so according to the divine pronouncement. In view of what happened, the importance of number two in the world needs not to be overemphasized. Though in the plant’s kingdom, no average human being in the animal kingdom can easily identify with the tree as the male or female. In the world today, when things become confusing such thing is often considered as nonsense, but then such is often concluded that in every nonsense, there is sense. The outbreak of the pandemic, which seems to be shutting down the world tend to make people forget about the importance of twos by natural laws including the advantages and disadvantages of everything found in the world.

The case of COVID-19, the pandemic carries a lot of advantages or sense in a way not clear to many yet, but by the time it will end or after, many shall see or come to discover that COVID-19 had meant well to the world by way of its effect to the world population. It will either explode the world population or diminish it. It is expected that the world population will increase astronomically or geometrically as a result of its lockdown policy whereby both males and females are lockdown uncontrollably.

The curfew also acts as a catalyst intended to ginger the process in which the world will turn its attention to controlling or reducing the trend. Moreso, the pandemic has taught many countries and communities a lot of lessons like obedience and respect to authorities, laws and realizing that the world was not in the hands of human beings.

This in a way can help the inhabitants of the present world to avert what happened in the world of Biblical Noah, Jonah, Jezebel, Nebuchadnezzar, Essau, Ahab, David, Abimeleck and others who contributed to the destruction of the world of Noah that made Jesus Christ to come to the world and die for the redemption of mankind and following that significant period, human beings were saved from the sins that were committed by the fore-parents. The aftermath of that rapture, the Creator promised never to end another world again with a flood but with fire. COVID-19, therefore though invisible reminds the world what the creator spoke about this world and should be expected.

Keep watching!!!

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