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Power VIC set to Defeat African Wrestling Giants

Power VIC set to Defeat African Wrestling Giants

By Saviour Ekpe

The Nigeria current National Light Weight Title holder, Victor Idorenyin Ebenezer popularly known in the professional wrestling world as “Power Vic of Akwa Ibom” has been invited by Africa Wrestling Organisation to participate in the African Title Elimination Championship.

The Elimination Championship, which is expected to take place March ending was preceded by camp training for the Nigerian contingents, which started on Tuesday March 12, 2019 at the wrestling arena, National Stadium, Surulere in Lagos.

In two letters entitled, “Resumption to Camp” dated 6th March, 2019 with reference No: AWO/LOR.SEC-COR/201 and “Invitation to Participate in the African Title Elimination Championship” dated 7th March, 2019 with reference No: AWO/IVITATION/SEC-COR/201 signed by the Secretary General, Olusesan Olukoya and made available to Century Newsfront state in part, “the proposed fight is necessary for the selection of athletes who will be featured in the West African Pro-Wrestling Championship Tour 2019 by the middle of the year”.

Speaking to Century Newsfront on phone from Lagos Power VIC expressed the hope that the he will scale through the elimination process given those presented to fight him, “I will beat all of them even with one hand, as a world rated wrestler, I know the skills, the tactics and indeed, I have the strength to challenge my opponents”.

He appealed to Akwa Ibom people for financial supports to take care of his training logistics such as feeding, transportation and accommodation during the training camp session, “I am appealing for financial support to aid me foot some bills here in Lagos. I need to take care of my feeding, accommodation, transportation and other logistics, as for winning, it is certain”. Power VIC noted that with his conversation with the Indian promoter of the event, Mr. Pawen impressed with his profile promised to encourage some of the skillful fighters to move to another level of their careers. Mr. Pawen is a show promoter who now runs African Wrestling Championship.

On his part, the Secretary General of the Africa Wrestling Organisation, Olusesan Olukoya While speaking with Century Newsfront on phone explained that many wrestlers across the country have been invited for the elimination training state, added that only eight successful athletes would be selected.

It is on record that Power Vic has been wrestling since 1990 and he fought a lot of wrestlers from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and lastly in London recently before he came back to his country, Nigeria and won a-yet-to-be-challenged Light weight Title in 2016 in Delta State. POWER VIC is an energetic and very powerful young man with potentials to be a world champion. Power Vic is a professionally licensed and internationally Certificated Wrestler both in Nigeria, London and other countries around the world.

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